Water Damage Restoration in Jackson County Oregon

There is no greater enemy to a home than hidden water and residual moisture. A broken pipe, leaky appliance, or storm-damaged roof results in moisture that seeps in, builds up, and yet is unseen or unnoticed by homeowners. Hidden moisture becomes trapped, damaging carpets, floors, and tile, and can lead to the dangerous growth & spread of mold and mildew.

Don’t let a simple leak threaten your family’s health

The Swept Away water damage restoration process begins with an audit where we use special tools to find hidden moisture and trace the path of water. Next, we determine the best course of action to restore your house to dry conditions as fast as possible. Our process removes excess moisture, protecting the health of your household.

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Four steps to a clean, dry, safe, healthy home for you and your family

  1. Get In
  2. Survey the damage
  3. Fix the problem
  4. Restore the home to a dry and healthy state. FAST.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Swept Away Restoration

  • Reason 1: Because we come running.
    We are at your home as quick as possible, often in 1 hour or less. Rest assured once we get your call we are mobilizing to get to your home just as soon as we can!
  • Reason 2: Because I answer my phone live.
    Reach us 24/7 with our dedicated emergency line. No wasting time talking to an answering service. If I happen to miss your call, I return calls just as soon as I can, usually within minutes.
  • Reason 3: Because I work with your insurance company, not for your insurance company.
    I send our invoice and claim reports directly to your insurance company and I keep you informed every step of the journey. Every communication made with your insurance company, you are copied on. Even though I work with your insurance company, I work for you!
  • Reason 4: The most thorough structural drying you can get with healthy products.
    We use state of the art equipment and the most naturally derived cleaning products out there. As a matter of fact, the antimicrobial we use is 99.9 % effective in killing mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses on contact. It is derived from plants and safe for people and pets.
  • Reason 5: I don’t cut corners I dry and disinfect them.
    We take the time to care for your home like it is our own. We don’t call the job done until we are certain we completely dried your structure (the structure of your home).
  • Reason 6: We stop mold in its’ tracks.
    Mold can’t grow without moisture or water present. By properly drying your home, making sure no moisture is trapped in walls or under flooring, we are making sure that no mold will take up residence in your home.
  • Reason 7: Certified Master Cleaner.
    I am a certified master cleaner and structural dryer with the IICRC with over 25 years of experience. I work with only highly trained, certified technicians with a vast knowledge of construction. Together we are a great team and you are in exceptionally qualified hands.
  • Reason 8: We stand behind our work.
    When we are done, your home is healthy and dry. If we notice anything that could lead to potential health problems, we inform you as to what we found and what we recommend. Your health is reflected in the condition of your home and we know that there is nothing more important than your health.

We are a Locally owned, Family Operated Business that has been serving our neighbors in Southern Oregon for over 25 years. We work for you, not your insurance company! We help you navigate through the insurance process from initiating your claim, filing your claim and then all the way through payment from your insurance company. We do everything we can to help you get back to enjoying your healthy home again, FAST.


  • A home free of hidden mold is the biggest reason to hire the Swept Away Restoration professionals.
  • We guarantee our workmanship for a full 5 years.
  • We use naturally derived products to kill mold that is safe for your family and pets.
  • And you can sleep easy knowing your health is our top priority.

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