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Both to your health and your house, mold is incredibly harmful. Headaches, weariness, fungal infections, and bronchitis are typical signs of persons who have mold issues in their homes. And if you don’t let a professional tackle the problem, you can be releasing more mold spores into the air.

Contact Swept Away Restoration if you believe it is in your best interest to perform a mold assessment should you have had a water leak or flood or want to feel safe.


Why Can Mold Harm Your Health?

It’s vital to remember that mold can be found in almost any place. Because mold is ubiquitous and has been identified in well over 100,000 species, the EPA considers specific, moderate mold levels acceptable for a structure’s safety and integrity.

Spores are the reproductive structures of mold. While some spores are light and easily float through the air, others are wet and sticky and must cling to nearly everything to survive.

When spores are released, they move and wait for conditions that will allow them to multiply, including an area with a food source and moisture.

In addition to VOCs, many fungi create substances known as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are considered a mold defensive mechanism but poisonous to humans and other creatures. In time to VOCs, they are not volatile and are not always formed by all types of molds.


Flood Water Releases Mold

The symptoms of mold exposure are typically mild and aren’t caused by the mold itself but rather by the number of spores in the air. The respiratory system is irritated by mold spores, and people allergic to them may experience more severe symptoms.

Other symptoms brought on by mold exposure include runny and blocked noses, watery eyes, dry coughs, skin rashes, sore throats, and asthma. People who already have asthma or COPD or who have mold allergies will experience more severe symptoms, including shortness of breath.


Medford Water Restoration Service


Where To Get Help With Medford Water Restoration Service

That you might easily make the problem worse is the ultimate justification for avoiding DIY mold removal. In addition, you risk dispersing thousands of mold spores into the air by attempting to eliminate the mold on your own.

These can adhere to surfaces where mold had not previously grown. You might consume them and have health issues. Finally, you can make things for yourself more expensive and complicated.

The spores themselves cause most health issues connected to mold growth. Although these are only mild allergy symptoms, being aware of the more serious ones that some types of mold can produce can help you and your family stay safe.

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