Why Stagnant Waters Dangerous? Medford Flooded House Repair

Medford Flooded House Repair

Homeowners understand the importance of keeping their home and yard in good order. Commercial property owners likewise know the influence building maintenance has on customers and renters.

One of the most common things you can find in any area is stagnant water, which quickly causes problems for homes and businesses.

Stagnant water will have seeped into your home or property long before you can smell its stench. But unfortunately, before this, it has already become a breeding ground for things that can cause serious infections.

As a leading Medford water damage restoration business, Swept Away Restoration understands such structural hazards and health risks from stagnant water.


What Is Stagnant Water?

When there is no water flow, stagnant water occurs. It can happen in a puddle, a flooded basement, or the pond in the park. Also, you can see it in a commercial building’s plumbing system.

Mosquitoes can breed in less than a quarter inch of water. Look at a larger scale; swimming pools can hold many more inches of water that can go stagnant. Puddles can turn stagnant overnight according to the volume of water and the surroundings. For something more extensive, it could take two or three days for a pool to go green and start smelling.

Flooding from storms and sewage backups leave harmful stagnant water behind. This category 3 blackwater can easily pollute plumbing and residential water in homes and businesses.


What Cases Stagnant Water?

Water flow can be disrupted in various ways, resulting in stagnation. The issue impacts both residential and commercial plumbing systems. The three most typical sources of stagnant water are as follows.


Clean Water Sources

Slow plumbing leaks or pipe bursts release clean water. Unattended, it stagnates. Rain falling on the roof or around windows is clean, but if it pools, it becomes Category 2.


Contaminated Water Sources

Category 2 gray water is stagnant water from contaminated sources. For example, dishwasher or washing machine leaks, defective sump pumps, and basement interior wall leaks cause this type of water.


Direct Sources

In an emergency, a property may be swamped by Category 3 black water or lose clean, external water sources. It impacts many homes. Static water is a source of bacteria, parasites, and poisons.

Commercial structures have stagnant water sources.

Some examples:

  • Natural or structural disasters cause long-term shutdowns.
  • Low water usage owing to vacancies.
  • Seasonal slowdowns.
  • Failures in water towers and supply lines.


Medford Flooded House Repair


Get Help Fix Stagnant Water Issues With Medford Flooded House Repair

Bacteria and other diseases grow in stagnant water. Stagnant water in residential and commercial plumbing systems can spread diseases. In addition, the household can cause issues with water faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Flooded house repair is the one way to clean the environment and get your home back to a healthy condition.

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