Why I Have Basement Flooding? Medford Flooded House Cleanup

Medford Flooded House Cleanup Professionals

Your basement or crawlspace has a stench that immediately alerts you to a problem. However, if something is dying, it may be easier to locate the source of the odor and fix the problem.

Things as innocuous as an overflowing washing machine, an open window, or a burst pipe can cause significant damage if you aren't careful.

You can often stop the water from entering your basement, but that is only the first step; you will need to act quickly.

Even if you have leak detectors installed, Medford flooded house cleanup experts will be required in case of a leak.


Locating the Cause of a Flooded Basement

Can you rule out the possibility that the issue isn't related to one of your home's appliances? It's time to do some sleuthing if none of your water-using appliances have developed a leak. Water always seeks the lowest point before tumbling, but many homeowners fail to consider this.

Water may enter your home from the upper floors or even the roof, and pooling in the basement may not be the source.

As a result, it's possible the situation could flip. If you suspect a clogged drain, check it out before calling in the pros at Swept Away Restoration to handle the blackwater.

We recommend checking the sump pump if present. But first, make sure everything operates as it should.

Water can enter your basement for several reasons. Discovering the issue's root is crucial for resolving it and avoiding further fallout.


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Modern Homes Are Increasingly Vulnerable To Flooding

All houses, whether they're brand new or have been renovated from an older model, eventually settle. You probably leak your basement because your home has settled, allowing water to seep in.

Construction of drainage channels may be required in such a scenario. Changing the location of your downspouts' final discharge point could solve the problem. Water can be diverted from the house by connecting an additional piece to the downspout's end.

To prevent water from entering your home, gravel can line windowsills and other low points. The problem could be easily fixed by implementing a grading or adjustment system.

The improper placement or malfunction of your downspouts and drains is another common cause.

Once in a while you might need to move them or make a minor adjustment. For instance, a section of your gutter may have clogged up or come loose from your house. The water will be deflected from its original path, and some of it will likely find its way into the basement.


Medford Flooded House Cleanup Professionals

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The flood water, whether it be clean, gray, or blackwater, is all removed with the help of our specialists. The lengthy drying process begins after that.

Our conversation about water damage cleanup and restoration will be tailored to the degree of the damage sustained. We can usually make filing an insurance claim a lot less stressful.

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