Why Hidden Mold Is An Issue? Medford Water Damage Services

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Medford Water Damage Services

Without prompt removal, mold growth can threaten a building's stability. Thus, hidden mold growth may be hazardous. Mold can flourish anywhere there is water and food, often in inaccessible places like the crevices of walls and ceilings.

The need for Medford water damage services will become clear.


Stop Moisture and Mold With Swept Away Restoration

You can prevent mold growth and moisture buildup using Medford's water damage restoration services.

Since mold can grow almost anywhere organic materials and oxygen are present, controlling moisture is the most crucial step in preventing mold growth. If your home has been flooded or leaked, mold may have a chance to grow in it.

Quick action is required in the event of leaks or spills. Even a seemingly insignificant amount of water can quickly spread to inaccessible areas of your property, like the spaces behind your baseboards and beneath your floors. In addition, as mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 to 72 hours, speedy remediation is essential.

However unlikely it may seem, mold thrives in damp, dark places with no apparent water source.

If you suspect condensation or a leak in your home, hire a Medford water damage service to investigate the problem and fix it before it worsens.


Dripping and Flooding Cause Mildew in Walls and Ceilings

Mold is notorious for hiding behind peeling wallpaper, especially if there has been water damage on higher floors due to a leaking roof or bathroom. Paper is better at hiding and retaining moisture than paint or drywall, so water and mold can grow undetected.

Do not try to take down the wallpaper on your own if you think there may be mold behind it. Proper containment must be used before any mold can be removed.

Without proper containment, mold spores released when removing wallpaper concealing mold can spread throughout the home, worsening the damage already done. Water damage services in Medford can take care of this for you so that you and your family are safe.


Get Help With Flooded Home Cleanup From Swept Away Restoration In Medford

Mold may be ubiquitous in our outdoor air, but that doesn't mean we must let it rule our indoor spaces.

Keep your home safe from mold by hiring a professional to remove it and monitoring for and addressing any hidden sources of moisture.

Swept Away Restoration is the company to call in case of water damage to your home. Once our experts have eliminated the moisture source, the mold growth can be contained, and treatment can be considered complete.

If you need emergency water damage services to remove mold from your home, contact Swept Away Restoration for a free estimate.

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