Why Fix Stagnant Water? Jacksonville Water Damage Repair

Why Fix Stagnant Water? Jacksonville Water Damage Repair

Proper maintenance of a home and yard is a priority for any homeowner. Commercial property owners equally recognize the effect building maintenance has on clients and renters.

Stagnant water is a typical problem that can arise in any area and swiftly cause disruptions to homes and businesses.

Before you notice the odor, stagnant water will have crept into your home or property. Regrettably, however, it had already become a breeding ground for things that could cause catastrophic diseases before this happened.

Swept Away Restoration, a trusted name in water damage restoration in Jacksonville, is aware of the dangers that standing water poses to buildings and people.


What Do They Mean By Stagnant Water?

When water circulation stops, the water becomes stagnant. It’s possible to have this experience in any body of water, from a puddle to a flooded basement to the pond in the park.

  • Less than a quarter of an inch of water is sufficient for mosquito breeding. But, taking a step back, consider that swimming pools can store a lot more water, in terms of inches, that can sit around doing nothing.
  • Depending on the amount of water and the conditions, puddles can become stagnant in a single night. It could take two or three days for a pool to turn green and begin to smell if the problem is severe.
  • When storms and sewage backups cause flooding, they can leave behind toxic standing water. This level three blackwater can contaminate domestic water supplies and plumbing systems.


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What Cases Stagnant Water?

Many different factors might cause water to become stagnant. This problem affects plumbing in both homes and businesses. Below are the three most common causes of standing water.

Clean Water Sources

Clean water is released via slow plumbing leaks or pipe bursts. If you leave it alone, it will eventually become stagnant. Categorized as “clean” when it falls on the roof or around windows, “Category 2” when it pools.


Contaminated Water Sources

Second-class gray water is water that has sat around and been contaminated. For example, such water can result from a broken dishwasher or washing machine, a faulty sump pump, or a leak in the basement’s interior walls.


Direct Sources

A property could be inundated with Category 3 black water or lose access to clean external water sources in an emergency. In addition, many people’s homes will be affected. Bacteria, parasites, and toxins can all be found in stagnant water.

In commercial buildings, water often sits unused.

Some examples:

  • Long-term shutdowns occur after structural damage or natural disasters.
  • Vacancy leads to low water consumption.
  • Due to seasonal downtime.
  • There have been problems with water mains and storage facilities.


Why Fix Stagnant Water? Jacksonville Water Damage Repair


Fix Stagnant Water With Jacksonville Water Damage Repair Experts

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. If water sits stagnant for too long, diseases can be transferred through plumbing systems in homes and businesses. Additionally, the household can lead to trouble with water taps, dishwashers, and washing machines.

The only method to clean the environment and restore your home to a healthy state after water damage is through water damage repair.

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