What to Do With Emergency Flood Damage in Medford

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Flood Damage Expert for Your Medford Home

Flood damage is a harrowing experience for any homeowner. When Medford homeowners are faced with the devastation of their property caused by natural disasters, it can be difficult and overwhelming.

After the initial shock wears off, the next step is to find a reliable local flood damage restoration company to help clean up and dry out your home quickly.

The 24–48 hours following a flood are critical to preventing additional damage, so it is essential to act fast.

However, not acting quickly enough can cause a host of other problems. Here, experts from Swept Away Restoration discuss the potential issues that can occur if you wait too long to seek flood damage cleanup in Medford.



Properly Clean and Disinfect Areas Affected by Mold and Mildew

Fungus growth in flood-damaged buildings is becoming more widespread in Medford. When left untreated after the first 48 hours, it can result in dramatic increases in health hazards, as proven by a study that found fungus growth on flood-damaged walls.

Mold spores can cause breathing problems, respiratory infections, and asthma flare-ups.

Other health hazards include skin irritation, inflammation, nausea, and immune system suppression. In addition, you are more likely to become infected the longer you wait for competent assistance.


How to Protect Yourself from Pathogens in Stagnant Water

Mold and other bacteria can grow in stagnant water caused by a burst pipe, giving off a nasty sewage odor. This odor will cling to your clothing and furnishings. The longer the smell clings to your items, the more difficult it is to remove. Worst of all, if you become accustomed to the odor, you may not even notice it’s on you.

Mosquitoes and other insects can breed in stagnant water, making it a breeding ground for them. These critters spread diseases, jeopardizing the lives of your family and pets, so you need a professional cleaning service right away.


Best Course of Action for Flood Damage Restoration and Cleanup for Your Home

The first task after a disaster is to clear the floodwaters. To keep your things and avoid infections, you must clean your residence within 24–48 hours. You and your belongings may face severe dangers if you wait too long.

Cleaning and restoring your home as soon as possible improve your chances of retaining your belongings. Start with the porous element of your home, such as ceiling tiles and drywall. If left unchecked, these parts can become a breeding ground for mold and degradation.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Flood Damage Expert for Your Medford Home


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Flood Damage Expert for Your Medford Home

When your home has been affected by a flood, it is vital to act quickly to prevent further damage and costly repairs. Cleaning your home in the first 24 hours is crucial to minimize damage and save money.

Calling a professional flood damage restoration company, such as Swept Away Restoration, can provide the best results. With 5-star services, Swept Away Restoration offers water damage restoration and carpet cleaning in Medford, Jacksonville, Jackson County, and Ashland.

If you need emergency help and want your home and carpets back to their former glory, contact Swept Away for a free estimate.

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