Water Shut-Off Valves? Medford Home Water Damage Cleanup

Home Water Damage Cleanup in Medford

Several water shut-off valves are throughout your home’s plumbing system, regulating water flow from pipes that run throughout the house. These valves enable you to cut off the water in an emergency, when repairs are required, or when your house will be vacant.

Understanding where these water valves are located is essential since you may not have much time to figure it out in an emergency, resulting in costly repairs later. At the very least, you need to know their location to tell your Medford home water damage cleanup crews.


What is a shut-off valve for water?

A shut-off valve is a knob that allows you to turn off the water to a specific feature of your house or the entire property.

The most important thing to remember is that in an emergency, these valves do precisely what their names suggest: they shut off the water to prevent severe damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.


How Do I Find My Water Shut-Off Valve?

Indoors, finding water shut-off valves can be difficult. Hopefully, your shut-off valve is simple, and the knob or lever may be found on a border wall. You’ll have to play “plumbing detective” if it’s difficult to find. Your valve is almost certainly in one of the following places:


1# Perimeter wall of your house

At ground level, this means you’ll have to search at eye level in the basement or lower on the wall on the ground floor if you’re looking for something.

2# Near your water meter

The position of your shut-off valve can be found in your property inspection report.

This was shown on the property inspection report you received when you purchased the residence.

3# Next to the water heater or beneath your sink

Builders usually install the valves in or near the main, ground-level bathrooms. That could mean it’s in a closet near the bathroom rather than on an exterior wall.


Why Knowing Where Your Water Shutoff Valves Is Vital?

Water shut-off valves are essential in plumbing repairs because they allow you to turn off the water before working on a supply pipe or fixture. However, we are now more concerned with emergencies.

Before leaving the house, turn off the water supply. A home may flood not because of storm waters but because a pipe in the home bursts because of the storm. Turning off the water and emptying the pipes ahead of time can save a home from flooding.


Home Water Damage Cleanup in Medford


Get Help With Home Water Damage Cleanup in Medford, OR

If you have a plumbing emergency, you will need to know where your shut-off valves are so that the problem doesn’t get worse.

When water damage restoration teams arrive, you don’t want to be stood scooping water into buckets. Instead, save the aggravation and damage and turn off your main water.

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