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Clogged toilets can occur even in the best-kept homes, flats, or condos. It’s easy for busy families to forget to fill the tub. A pipe can freeze and break before you wake up in the middle of the night. It doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom, from broken plumbing to sewage backup.

Are you wondering how to clean up a damaged bathroom while minimizing water damage? Swept Away Restoration knows how to handle this type of work as the leading Medford water damage restoration company. It’s a massive job, so approach it slowly and methodically.


Guide To Bathroom Flood Cleanup

It would help if you dealt with bathroom flooding as soon as possible. Standing water penetrates through the bathroom floor and into the subflooring rapidly. As water soaks through baseboards, walls, and cabinets, it produces a damp environment that can quickly breed mold and mildew.

Here are a few steps to help get over a flooded bathroom.


Turn The Water Off

This should be done first before grabbing a mop to clean up the bathroom flooding.

Find out the water source and turn off the shut-off valve closest to the leak. Next, check the supply line beneath the toilet or the cabinet under the sink.

If this doesn’t stop the overflowing, it could be a burst pipe inside the wall. So now, you need to turn off the primary water supply outside your home.


Stay Safe

Any flooded room poses an electrical threat. Turn off the circuit breaker for that area of your home. Be sure of any bathroom appliances that could be dangerous. Make sure outlets aren’t exposed to standing water before unplugging.


Fix The Problem

There are various options for resolving bathroom plumbing issues. If it’s an easy fix, you could use epoxy putty or fiberglass tape to stop the leak temporarily.

To fix the issues properly, you’ll need the skills of a flooded house repair company like Swept Away Restoration, especially when leaks are behind drywall or soaking through your floors.


Contacting Insurance

Make a phone call to your insurance agent, as minor floods can cause further issues. Swept Away Restoration deals with insurance companies all the time, so we can help make your claim go without issues.


Use Professionals

Consider using flooded house repair experts such as the number one Medford flooded house repair company.

Our crews clean, disinfect, and restore flooded bathrooms by removing all the flood water, drying, and fixing any damage.


Dry The Flooded Bathroom

Dehumidifiers can help remove excess moisture from the air. However, it would help if you had huge fans to circulate fresh air in crosscurrents.

Renting heavy-duty equipment can cut drying time in half but can be expensive. It is easier to use professional flood repair and do everything in one go.


Medford Flooded House Repair Professionals


Get Help From Medford Flooded House Repair Professionals   

Damage happens many inches above the water level because the material wicks moisture upwards. Damp areas must be ripped out and fixed. You may have to replace complete wall pieces.

This is the most time-consuming component of a flooded bathroom restoration project, but it’s crucial.

If you need emergency help for restoration and how to process your insurance claim, then you need experts. Contact Swept Away for a free estimate or speak to staff directly if you have an emergency.

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