Old or New Water Damage? Ashland Oregon Flooded House Repair


Ashland Flooded House Repair

Water damage may be a nightmare for any house. However, you should first identify whether there is fresh or previous water damage in your home before you become alarmed at any urgent symptoms. You can then determine if your issue is severe enough to warrant consulting Ashland water damage businesses.

For several reasons, distinguishing between old and new water damage is crucial. First, knowing the problem’s duration is helpful since it will enable you to assess the problematic situation.

Here, you can learn how to determine if water damage is recent or old, specifically in three situations. You’ll discover it helps to use Ashland flooded house repair in both cases.


How to Recognize New or Old Water Damage

Here are three indicators that can allow you to determine whether water damage is recent.

  • A black water stain shows recent water damage. If the surface feels hard, it is new.
  • Dry water rings can be seen on old water damage. This kind of water damage will also have a spongy surface.
  • Mold and mildew that has gray or black specks will emerge.


Age of Water Damage?

The procedures you should take to determine the age of your water damage are shown below.

Touch the area: Find some damp areas and touch them. If the surface is mushy, the ceiling must have soaked up much water, showing that the water damage is older.

Look for rings: Look out for dark areas. It probably just happened if there isn’t a ring of water damage around the surface. If rings surround the dark spot, the water damage must be extensive. The number of rings shows the time since the water first seeped into the surface.

Inspect materials: Check the tiles and thick paint on your walls and ceiling for any areas where water may have become trapped. Even a tiny water spot could show extensive water damage that has been for a long time.

Look for mold: Mold infestation is a sign that the harm caused by the water has persisted for at least two to three days.

Watch for Decay: Usually, additional water damage does not cause household goods to deteriorate. However, any signs of deterioration on your walls or ceilings show that these areas have been regularly exposed to standing water, showing that the water damage is more recent.


Ashland Flooded House Repair


Get Help With Old Or New Ashland Flooded House Repair

It’s crucial to know what to do if you notice any indications that water damage may enter your home because it’s a widespread issue in Ashland.

It wouldn’t solve the issue, but knowing whether the water damage is recent or old is an essential step in determining its severity. The ability of specialists to intervene and resolve the problem depends on this information.

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