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Walls With Water Stains Are A Sign Of Leaks

Any building is at risk of water damage. For example, it could have rained or snowed, filled up your water tanks, or leaked from a broken pipe while you were away.

To avoid spending thousands fixing a leak in your new home, have a professional from flooded house repair look around before you commit to the purchase.

Water damage can cause structural problems, and companies like Swept Away Restoration look for these signs.

Any unseen water damage to the walls can also be found during a pre-inspection. Water damage can be hard to spot, but knowing the warning signs can help you decide whether you need professional Jacksonville Flooded House Repair immediately.


Walls With Water Stains Are A Sign Of Leaks

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is the appearance of water lines on the walls. Therefore, you should inspect the area for water damage if you see water lines descending your walls.

There are two distinct kinds of water pipes. The first type includes water sources connected directly to the house. These issues might indicate a plumbing leak needs to be addressed. If there is moisture near the base of your walls, your home has likely been flooded.

The second common cause of water damage is dripping from exterior water pipes. Looking closely, you can see water lines running out of the house and into the street, slowly trickling inside. But, again, the malfunctioning dryer is usually the culprit.

To prevent mold growth inside the wall cavities, ask Swept Away Restoration to inspect any water lines on the drywall.


Smells In The Home Mean Leaks And Possibly Mold

A telltale sign of water damage is the presence of a rotten odor in a room because damp environments encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

You'll be able to smell these things from a distance. However, there are many unpleasant odors, including those that are dirty, musty, sour, or even smell like rotting eggs.

If you find any of these, you should investigate further for water damage. Furthermore, have a Jacksonville flooded house repair expert check out the damage.


Efforts Needed to Repair the Peeling and Fading Paint

Fading paint is another indication of water damage. The paint eventually peels off as the wood dries out beneath the paint. Once again, water damage is a potential cause.

There may be other signs of water damage besides paint deterioration that must be considered before assuming that the paint is failing because of water. Swept Away Restoration may also be required to ascertain the problem's origin and evaluate the damage.


Walls With Water Stains Are A Sign Of Leaks


When You Need It Most, Flooded House Repair With Swept Away Restoration

Any part of a house is vulnerable to water damage. As a result, it is essential to look out for indications of water damage and act accordingly.

To clear up any uncertainty, consult with professionals. If you hire them, they can check out your house and fix any problems before they cause water damage.

We recommend consulting professionals if you need immediate assistance with restoration and filing an insurance claim. Contact Swept Away for a free estimate or speak to staff directly if you have an emergency.

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