Mold Damages Air Quality. Ashland Water Restoration Service

Ashland Water Restoration Service

The presence of mold and mold spores in a building can negatively impact indoor air quality, putting conditions’ health and well-being at risk, especially for those with allergies or asthma.

Contact Swept Away Restoration if you believe it is in your best interest to perform a mold assessment should you have had a water leak, flood, or you just want to feel safe.


How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

It’s vital to note that mold can be found anywhere in the environment. Mold has been recognized in well over 100,000 species, and because mold is found everywhere, the EPA considers specified, moderate amounts of mold appropriate for a structure’s safety and integrity.



Mold’s reproductive bodies are known as spores. Some spores are light and float through the air effortlessly, whereas others are wet and sticky and cling to almost anything to get around.

When spores are discharged, they travel and wait for an environment conducive to multiplication, such as one with a food source and moisture.


Many fungi produce chemicals known as mycotoxins besides VOCs. Mycotoxins are toxic to other species, including people, and are considered a mold defense mechanism. However, they are not produced all the time or by all mold species and are not volatile like VOCs.


Mold Exposure Symptoms After Flood Water

Mold exposure symptoms are usually modest and are caused by an abundance of spores in the air rather than the mold itself. Mold spores irritate the respiratory system, and those who are allergic to spores may show more severe symptoms.

Mold exposure leads to runny and blocked noses, watery eyes, dry coughs, skin rashes, sore throats, and asthma, among other symptoms. Those with mold allergies or pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD will experience more severe symptoms, including shortness of breath.


Ashland Water Restoration Service


Where To Get Help With Ashland Water Restoration Service

Mold spores are found everywhere indoors and outside and aren’t a cause for concern unless they’re allowed to multiply. However, mold can grow in the presence of a food source and moisture, leading to health issues. The spores themselves cause most health problems associated with mold growth. They are mild allergy symptoms but understanding the more severe symptoms that kinds of mold can cause can help you protect yourself and your family.

In addition, you’ll almost certainly require the help of skilled mold removal companies who can deal with any water damage repair you have.

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