Medford Water Damage Restoration. Harmful Mold Facts

Medford Water Damage Restoration. Harmful Mold Facts

Your health is at risk in clean homes as problems are often overlooked. Another mold issue is that it is often not reported until after it has caused problems for a family. You still might attribute your coughing and irritated eyes to the changing seasons.

Swept Away Restoration provides this data to educate homeowners on the risks associated with a water leak or drip, which can lead to mold infestation. Mold growth can become uncontrollable in as little as 48 hours, so restoring water damage in Medford cannot be put off.


If Mycotoxins From Black Mold Are So Dangerous, Why Are They Present?

The black stuff you find in damp places is Stachybotrys chartarum mold, which can quickly spread throughout your home.

Check for mildew, black mold’s less dangerous relative, by dabbing a small amount of household bleach on the discolored area. If the color changes from dark to light after one to two minutes, mildew is present and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Microscopic organisms can be transmitted through direct contact and inhalation. People with weak immune systems or allergies can be vulnerable to the devastating effects of these organisms because of their capacity for rapid mutation.

Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the effects of black mold. This is because airborne contaminants that come into contact with the eye or are inhaled can travel up the optic nerve and into the brain, but inhaled airborne contaminants cannot.


Risks to Your Health From Mold Contamination

Most mold-related illnesses, even serious ones, look like you have a cold or the flu, which is good news.

However, studies have found that mold exposure is linked to various health issues.

Besides the familiarity of allergy-like symptoms, mold can cause many other health issues. For example, people with asthma are especially vulnerable. In addition, researchers have found that victims of domestic violence experience an increase in both the number and severity of attacks.

Aspergillosis is an infection caused by exposure to Aspergillus, a common mold found indoors and outdoors. Those with compromised immune systems and chronic lung conditions are at a higher risk.

Extreme health issues may arise for hypersensitivity pneumonitis-prone individuals whose homes have mold. However, according to experts, a few hours of exposure are all it takes to develop this condition.

Consider contacting a reputable water damage restoration company, as this amount of mold comes from substantial water leaks.

When you have as much information as possible, most problems are simpler to deal with. We aim to assist you in maintaining your property, but we understand some tasks are too huge.


Medford Water Damage Restoration. Harmful Mold Facts


Mold Damage Prevention With Medford Water Damage Restoration.

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