Medford Water Damage Cleanup. Types Of Home Water Damage

Medford Water Damage Cleanup. Types Of Home Water Damage

As a homeowner, you should be familiar with the various water damage because any of them could eventually affect your property.

There are different degrees of water damage, and it’s essential to know how to deal with each. If you’re confused about the various categories and distinctions of water damage, it is advisable to get the help of Swept Away Restoration, your local Medford water damage cleanup professionals.


Category 1 Water Damage

Damages falling within Category 1 are called “clean water damages.” The least severe sort of water damage is category 1.

Overflowing bathtubs and leaking pipes and appliances are common causes of water damage. Toxin- and sewage-free water is meant as “clean water.” Because of this, the potential harm from being exposed to it is reduced.

However, water damage of any size should never be ignored, as it can lead to immediate and long-term complications, such as mold development and structural problems. Even while you clean water, call for water damage cleanup experts to fix your home.


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Damage of Category 2 Flooded Home

Damage in this category is commonly referred to as “grey water damage.” Grey water is more damaging than clean water because of its toxins.

In the eyes of the experts, grey water is “seriously polluted,” meaning it can lead to some pain and even some moderate illness.

In the long run, it could cause even more severe health issues. So it’s essential to keep an eye out for grey water that originates in the bathroom and finds its way outside thanks to a broken pipe or an overflow.

A backup in the sump pump could also contribute to grey water issues. Instead of attempting a repair yourself, always have Swept Away Restoration water damage cleanup professionals fix the problems.


Category 3 Damage Needs Water Damage Cleanup Experts

Blackwater damage describes catastrophes of Category 3. It’s the worst possible result of water intrusion.

This water is tainted with harmful chemicals. It may cause various illnesses and reactions. Sewage, rivers, streams, ponds, and waste line backflows contribute to this hazardous water damage.

It would help if you never attempted to handle Category 3 water independently since it includes contaminants. Instead, the cleanup can be handled by calling Swept Away Restoration, your local water damage cleanup service.


Medford Water Damage Cleanup. Types Of Home Water Damage


Get Help From Jackson County Water Damage Cleanup Experts

Any property owner has to know the many kinds of water damage. Before attempting any do-it-yourself repairs, ensure you have a firm grasp of how extensive the water damage is throughout your property.

Also, get in touch with a pro if you think your house has sustained Category 2 or 3 damage. If you need emergency help and want your home in a safe, livable condition, contact Swept Away for a free estimate.

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