Medford Water Damage Cleanup. Risks From Mold Exposure?

Medford Water Damage Cleanup

At home, mold is a silent danger to our health. Even being around mold for a short time can be dangerous, but being around mold for a long time can have nasty effects.

Everyone needs to know about the health risks of long-term mold exposure after water leaks have passed.

Read on to learn how mold affects your health and why you are advised to use Medford water damage cleanup if you have a water leak or recently had one in your home.


Mold Exposure Side Effects Leading To Medford Water Damage Cleanup

The effects of being around mold depend on the person and how sensitive they are to it. For people who aren't allergic to this substance, side effects like a sore throat or coughing might only happen during the allergy season.

But mold exposure can be more dangerous for people who are allergic or already have health problems.

People with lung diseases or asthma exposed to mold can have trouble breathing and asthma attacks.

Mold infections can also be people with weak immune systems. Because of this, you must monitor your symptoms and how much mold and mildew you're exposed to. In addition, Swept Away Restoration can make your home safe after a flood or water leak.


Difference Between Mild vs. Long-Term Mold Exposure

Even though allergy symptoms and asthma attacks are wrong, they are only short-term effects of being around mold.

People sensitive to mold can have worse effects from long-term mold exposure. Mold can make it hard to breathe and cause infections. It can also have long-term effects like memory loss, fatigue, and lung problems.

When mold grows in places that are hard to get to, it can cause long-term mold exposure. If your home smells musty or damp, this could be a sign of hidden mold from a leak, and it is advisable to call Medford water damage cleanup.


Different Mold Exposure Needing Medford Flooded House Cleanup

One more thing to remember about mold exposure is that there are many kinds of mold. There are three main types of molds, and each can affect you differently.

Allergenic mold is the kind that causes seasonal allergy symptoms and is usually the least dangerous to most people. However, people with weak immune systems are more likely to get sick from pathogenic molds.

Last, toxigenic mold, also called "black mold," can be nasty for your health. People can get sick from this toxic mold if exposed to it for a long time.


Medford Water Damage Cleanup

Get Help With Medford Water Damage Cleanup To Stop Mold

Swept Away Restoration hope that this overview of the different mold and what they do has helped you understand the health risks of being exposed to mold for a long time.

We remove mold from homes in Medford that have water damage and need to be cleaned up.

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