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The summer months are infamous for having a ton of events. Unfortunately, you might not have time to notice the lingering smells in your home while you and your family are enjoying the better weather and being outside.

The increased dampness, water, strange aromas, and altered routines with warmer weather may cause your home to smell strange.

These odors can disrupt your enjoyment of the summer if ignored for an extended period, and you may feel overwhelmed by the need for Medford flooded house repair specialists.


Pet Smell Masks The Problems

Has the weather improved enough for your pet to enjoy time outdoors? Your pet’s fur or paws may track puddles, dirt, muck, and grass into your home.

If not cleaned right away, these contaminants from the outside could get trapped in your carpets or rugs and leave an unpleasant smell.

Days with a pool might also increase the possibility of soft surfaces in your home smelling musty or wet.

Your floors being wet from dead bodies, and old wet towels piled up for too long might smell musty. Once inside your house, getting rid of the dampness might be difficult.

If that weren’t terrible enough, water penetrating under floorboards may cause mold, which is dangerous for your house and family if left untreated.


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Do You Have Smells from Hidden Water Leaks?

Leaving your windows open all day is one of the beautiful summer benefits. Unfortunately, it can also facilitate many entrances. Smoke from a backyard grill can penetrate your walls and leave a lingering smell of food, grease, and other things.

Summer is a time for outdoor cooking, pool days, and sunbathing. Don’t block your home off from these activities, though, to keep foul scents from entering.

Our team of experts may come to your house and eliminate offensive odors at their source with a minor inconvenience to your summer activities.

You could not notice musty mold odors because you believe it is all related to your summer activities. However, a mold infestation may damage floors and drywall in days.


Medford Water Damage Services


Stop Summer Smells and Hidden leaks with Medford Water Damage Services

Whatever the cause or location, water damage must be minimized as quickly as workable. We can rapidly remove water and restore damaged property using our qualified employees.

You’ll be able to identify the odors from the summer once your home has been fixed because the offensive ones will have been eliminated.

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