Jacksonville Water Damage Services. Spot Aged Water Damage

Jacksonville Water Damage Services. Spot Aged Water Damage

No home's immune to the nightmare that is water damage. But before you get too worried about any sudden symptoms, you should figure out if the water damage in your home is new or old. The severity of your problem will indicate whether you need the assistance of a Jacksonville water damage company.

Water damage dating is essential for several reasons. The first step in solving a problem is understanding how long it has been going on.

In this article, you'll learn how to tell if water damage is fresh or old in three different scenarios. Jacksonville water restoration service is helpful in both scenarios.


What To Look For To Tell If Water Damage Is Fresh Or Old

Here are three indicators that can allow you to determine whether water damage is recent.

  • Evidence of recent water damage in the form of a black stain. A fresh finish can be recognized by its crisp, rugged texture.
  • Water damage from years ago will have dry water rings. Similarly, the surface of water damage of this type will be spongy.
  • Grayish or blackish spots of mold and mildew will begin to appear.


How Long Has This Water Damage Been There?

Steps to determine how long you've had water damage are outlined below.

  • Apply pressure: To test for dampness, look for and touch some damp spots. The ceiling must have soaked up a lot of water if the surface is soft, indicating that the water damage is quite old.
  • If you're looking for rings, keep an eye out for the shadows. If there is no water damage ring around the surface, it happened very recently. The water damage must be severe if rings are around the dark area. As more rings form, more time has passed since water began seeping through the surface.
  • Test the components: Ensure no water is trapped in the tiles or heavy paint on the walls or ceiling. Any sign of water, no matter how small, could indicate years of damage.
  • The presence of mold indicates that the water damage has persisted for at least three days.
  • Beware of decay: In most cases, damaged household items will not deteriorate further due to additional water damage. However, water damage is more recent if there are visible signs of deterioration on your walls or ceilings.


Jacksonville Water Damage Services. Spot Aged Water Damage


Call for Water Damage Repair in Jacksonville, FL, for Your Home or Business.

Because water damage is so common in Jacksonville, it's essential to know what to do if you see warning signs that it may be seeping into your home.

While it wouldn't help with the problem itself, knowing how long the water damage has been there would give you a better idea of how bad it is. Specialists' ability to step in and fix the issue hinges on this data.

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