Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration. Floods & Prevent Them

Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration. Floods & Prevent Them

When intense storms hit, they can cause flooding in homes and businesses. Have you thought about whether you have the supplies necessary to weather the storm we're about to have?

Swept Away Restoration has witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by water damage and the variety of sources from which floods can originate in our work helping people recover from floods.

Though it's nearly impossible to waterproof a home on your own, you can take steps to lessen the severity of any damage that occurs and the likelihood that you'll need Jacksonville water damage restoration services.



How Steep Is Your Yard?

There are several ways to improve the drainage around the house, but it's essential to assess the landscape first.

Follow the path of the water as it trickles through your yard. If you want to prevent water from pooling near your house and seeping in, adjust the slope grading so that the water flows away and into storm drains.


Explore the New Constructions in Your Neighborhood

In a heavy downpour, water would naturally flow away from your house. However, this could be disrupted by nearby construction.

Storage sheds, patios, and driveway extensions contribute to flooding by creating impermeable spaces. Talk to your neighbor about drainage options if he plans to build anything near you to reduce the risk of flooding and water damage.


Create French Drains

While this type of drainage system also causes excavation, its design makes it particularly well-suited to coping with heavy downpours. The trench is dug around the house's perimeter, and the gravel-filled trough acts as a bed for the perforated pipe. When the French drain is buried, it channels rainwater away from the house.



Inspect for Missing or Loose Shingles

The situation could quickly become a disaster if even a few tiles were loose during heavy rain. Don't risk having your home flooded from above.

Inspect the roof frequently throughout the year, especially after significant weather events. Rubber roofing underlayment is an excellent option if your roof needs to be replaced. By creating a waterproof barrier between the roof and the tiles, the inexpensive material extends the lifespan of roofs.

Check Your Homes Foundations Are Sound

When floodwaters rise, even small cracks in the foundation can widen into cracks that threaten the stability of your home.

Epoxy or polyurethane foam should seal any visible cracks inside and out as soon as possible. Make sure your foundation is in good shape by checking it as part of your regular flood protection around the house maintenance.


Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration. Floods & Prevent Them


Jacksonville Residents Get Help and Support With Restoration of Water Damage

The information we share with you is helpful in everyday life. Based on our experience assisting flood-affected homeowners, we have compiled some recommendations that we believe will be of use to you.

Swept Away Restoration has a long history of being Jacksonville's and the surrounding area's top choice for flood damage restoration and cleanup.

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