Jacksonville Water Damage Repair. Toilet Overflow What To Do

Jacksonville Water Damage Repair. Toilet Overflow What To Do

When your toilet overflows, it can spur incredible angst and anxiety. Your eyes glaze over as you watch the water slowly fill the rim and spill over the top onto your bathroom floor.

A toilet overflow can be dreadful, especially if it is a recurring problem. When it’s terrible, you’ll need Jacksonville water damage cleanup experts, as it can be a challenging task.


Factors Causing Overflowing Toilet

Clogged drain lines can cause a toilet to overflow. Likewise, a washing machine water line may clog the septic tank or sewage system.

Tree roots may block or dislodge your home’s sewer lines. Or, if your home has a septic tank, it may be full. Too much toilet paper, toys, or foreign objects can clog the toilet’s S-shaped trap.

When your toilet reaches the rim, act quickly to prevent an overflow.


Turn Off The Water Supply

First, turn off the water supply to the bowl. Next, remove the tank lid and depress the flapper to prevent overflowing. The toilet’s off switch is at the bottom or behind it.

If there’s no shutoff valve, turn off your home’s water. In the basement, near the water heater, is the water supply line. Turning the valve or knob in the basement will stop water flow if it’s due to a clog rather than a sewer backup.



Put on long rubber or disposable gloves to protect yourself from bacteria before proceeding.

Once the water stops flowing into the toilet, empty as much as needed to plunge without overflowing; if the water is clean, pour it into a nearby sink; if it’s dirty, use another bucket. After unclogging the toilet, pour the dirty water back into the bowl.

Plunge the drain with a toilet plunger. Align the rubber plunger’s tip with the bowl’s drain. Slowly dive, then speed up. Clogs in the toilet drain will be removed, and the water will drain.


Use a Toilet Snake

After unclogging, flush to make sure it’s working correctly. It uses a snake or auger if the plunger fails. An auger costs $20-$50 at a hardware store. Twist the snake until the auger reaches the blockage. The snake unblocks. Flush the toilet to ensure it drains properly. If not, repeat the process with the snake.


Call a Professional With Toilet Overflows

Call a plumber if the toilet overflows repeatedly. Professionals use 100-foot-long industrial augers. This drill’s steel cables can reach the main sewage line far enough to clear it.

A toilet overflow can cause severe water damage. In addition, overflowing toilet water can make your home unsanitary and uninhabitable.

Overflowing toilets release bacteria into your home and cause water damage. In addition, water absorbs porous surfaces like drywall, insulation, and wood, making your home vulnerable to damage. Swept Away Restoration deals with these issues and helps prevent homes from filling with mold and bacteria.


Jacksonville Water Damage Repair. Toilet Overflow What To Do

Make The Most of Jacksonville Water Damage Repair Professionals

Swept Away Restoration can clean sewage quickly. These professionals remove the excess water quickly. Skilled technicians use advanced water extraction equipment to dry structures, furnishings, and other items.

After a toilet overflows or other source of flooding, call a water damage restoration service immediately. Quick action protects your home from mold growth caused by excess moisture.

If you need emergency flooded house repair to remove mold from your home, contact Swept Away Restoration for a free estimate.

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