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A damp spot on your ceiling usually shows a leak. Depending on your house, your roof or the plumbing in one of the upstairs rooms may be the source of the leak.

The likelihood is high that a water-damaged ceiling results from a leaky bathtub or pipe since plumbing leaks frequently start in bathrooms.

To prevent further harm to your home, read on to learn everything you need to know about fixing a bathroom or bathtub leak and getting help from Jacksonville water damage repair professionals.


What Causes Bathroom Leaks?

The first step to addressing a leak is pinpointing its origin point. For example, a bathtub leak is likely to blame when a downstairs ceiling leaks from an upstairs bathroom. Bathtub leaks usually originate with the drain, the overflow drain, or a bathtub crack.

Once you’ve addressed the source of the damage, it’s critical that you

 Hire licensed flooded home cleanup experts 


Bathroom Leaks. What To Know?

The three most common sources of bathtub leaks are:

Bathtub Drain Leaks: 

A leaking bathtub drain frequently causes bathroom water damage. This kind of leak happens when the drain and connected lines underneath your tub become less sturdy, leading to a failure of the seals or the formation of cracks.

Even a slow drip like this will cause water damage to the foundation under the tub area and eventually the rooms underneath.

 Bathtub Overflows Don’t Work: 

Every bathtub has an overflow drain installed to prevent bathtub overflow into your bathroom.

Unfortunately, this overflow drain may crack, break, or leak as bathtubs age. Most likely, the drain gasket is to blame. A leaking bathtub overflow drain can harm your house just like a drain leak can.


Bathtub Has Cracks: 

Maybe the pipes aren’t the source of the leak at all. Instead, minor, discrete hairline fractures in the tub’s body can cause leaks. This kind of leak is simple to overlook.

 Fill the tub with water to see if a crack there causes your leak. Look for areas where the water is drawn and let the water stand still. Your bathtub crack is receiving those tiny currents.


Fixing Leaky Bathtubs 

The first step in repairing your bathroom is to stop the leak. The approach will vary depending on the type of leak:


Broken drain seal or overflow drain leak: 

Always call a plumbing expert, like our friends at Swept Away Restoration, to fix broken seals. As part of this process, plumbing parts may need to be replaced, and a waterproof seal may need to be made.


Tub Cracks

A skilled repairman can use two-part epoxy to fill and seal any cracks in the tub, regardless of how small or visible they are. The second step in your restoration is to remediate the existing water damage after a qualified plumber has located and fixed the leak.

Professional water damage restoration services include drying your ceiling and drywall, eliminating mold, and restoring your bathroom to its pre-damage condition.

Your leak can often cause severe damage, and fixing the issue requires insurance claims. Swept Away Restoration works with local insurance companies, and we know what you can claim for and what isn’t covered.

Such a disaster can have a bright side, and you get a bathroom makeover depending on the extent of the damage.


Water Damage Restoration Experts 


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More than just a stained and damaged ceiling can result from a leak. Mold growth from water damage could pose a severe health risk in your house. Call the local experts at Swept Away Restoration for help if your home has water damage and you’re unsure what to do.

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