Jacksonville Home Water Damage Cleanup. Why Tubs Overflow?


Jacksonville Home Water Damage Cleanup

The most common reason for a leaking tub is a broken overflow tube. It's crucial to address this issue as soon as possible if it arises in your home, as delaying it could lead to more serious problems later on.

Our teams often repair and replace water-damaged ceilings in Jacksonville properties. Broken overflow drains often cause the issue. Having home water damage cleanup in your Jacksonville home is necessary if the problem isn’t spotted immediately.


Precisely What Is Causing The Water To Seep Into My Bathroom Ceiling?

You run a bath but must stop for a second because you have to pay attention to something else. The upstairs tub will soon burst at the seams.

The ceiling underneath is susceptible to water damage from a flooded bathroom. In the event of a bathtub overflow, the overflow drain should divert the water away from the basement.

The overflow drain is often in the bathtub’s front. All that is needed to prevent catastrophic spills is this straightforward approach. Overflow water should go into the main drain pipe when the hole in the overflow cover plate is filled.


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Why Is My Drain Not Working?

When the water level in the tub rises above a particular point, an overflow drain prevents it from gushing through the ceiling.

Yet, the following can compromise the overflows’ functionality and lead to overflow drain leaks:

  • Dirt and soap scum accumulate in drains, causing backups and overflows.
  • A leaking overflow tube might cause water to seep through your bathroom floor and the ceiling of the room below.
  • When the seal or gasket of an overflow drain is worn or damaged, water might leak out of the drain.
  • If you leave the faucets running while the tub is filling, the water will eventually overflow if there is even a minor obstruction in the overflow pipe.
  • Misdirected showers might clog your overflow drain if water flows over the top plate.
  • Long, soothing soaks: Submerging the overflow plate reduces the drain’s efficiency.


Jacksonville Home Water Damage Cleanup

If Bathroom Floods, Get Help From Jacksonville Home Water Damage Cleanup

It would help if you went with your first instinct. Turn it off if water is dripping from the sink or shower. If the overflow happened while you were in the bath, you’d need to get out and get a towel.

The overflow should level off just inside the bathtub’s edge. Turn off the water and get some towels to clean the floor. Then, seek a mop and bucket without delay.

The amount of water dripping from the bathroom’s ceiling into the hall below must be kept to a minimum. This reduces the likelihood of mold growth and water damage to the building.

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