Jackson County Flooded House Cleanup. Signs of Water Damage

Jackson County Flooded House Cleanup. Signs of Water Damage


Any building is susceptible to water damage, whether from rain or snow or from your home’s water tanks that burst a pipe while you were out doing the grocery shopping.

However, sometimes you purchase a new home to find it has suffered a leak that wasn’t fixed properly.

Inspecting by experts such as Swept Away Restoration, specializing in flooded house cleanup, can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs if a leak is discovered after moving in.

Also, if there is any concealed water damage to the walls, it can be found during the preliminary inspection. Knowing the symptoms of water damage can help you decide whether you need professionals immediately or later.


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Evidence of Water: Marks Left Behind

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is the appearance of water lines on the walls. Therefore, inspect the area for water damage if you see water lines dripping down your walls.

Two distinct varieties of water pipes exist. The regular taps and faucets use water from the house’s primary water supply. Therefore, these symptoms may indicate a plumbing leak. In addition, a sure sign that your home has been flooded is dampness near the waterline.

The second most common cause of water damage is dripping from exterior water pipes. If you look carefully, you can see water lines going outside the house and trickling inside. But, again, the malfunctioning dryer is usually the culprit.

Mold growth inside wall cavities is a sign that you need Swept Away Restoration’s professional help to inspect water lines on drywall.


Suspect Smells

Unpleasant odors can identify water damage in a room. Since mold and mildew can grow in damp environments, water damage is a significant concern.

You’ll be able to smell these things from a distance. Many unpleasant smells can be classified as “dirty,” including musty, sour, and even the “rotten egg” smell.

Look for other indications of water damage if any of these are present. Have a Jackson County flooded house cleanup expert look at the damage and give you an estimate.


Damaged and Peeling Paint

The paint’s deterioration can also identify water damage. Paint eventually fades because the wood underneath dries out. This, too, can result from water damage.

Look for other indications of water damage before concluding that the fading paint results from leaks. Swept Away Restoration may also be required to find out the problem’s origin and evaluate the level of damage.


Jackson County Flooded House Cleanup To Help

Any area of the house is susceptible to water damage. So, it’s essential to look for signs of water damage and act swiftly if you find any.

When in doubt, consult the professionals. They will give your house a once-over and restore it to its pre-water damage condition.

If you need emergency help for restoration and how to process your insurance claim, then you need experts. Contact Swept Away for a free estimate or speak to staff directly if you have an emergency.

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