Is Replacing Carpet Necessary After Flooded House Damage In Jacksonville, OR


Are you wondering if you need to replace your carpet after your house in Jacksonville, OR, has been flooded? Hold on to your hat because Swept Away Restoration in Jacksonville, OR, has all the answers for you.

While complete carpet replacement may seem the only option after a flood, Swept Away Restoration offers alternative solutions. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, our team can provide professional cleaning and drying services to restore your carpet to its pre-flood condition. We use advanced techniques and equipment to remove moisture, mold, and potential contaminants thoroughly.

Sometimes, partial replacement or patching may address localized damage. Swept Away Restoration in Jacksonville, OR, has the expertise to assess the affected areas and provide the most cost-effective and practical solutions.


Assessing the Extent of Water Damage to Carpet

Swept Away Restoration in Jacksonville, OR, offers professional carpet cleaning services to assess water damage and restore your carpet. They use specialized equipment like fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth. 

Their thorough inspection helps identify areas of concern and provides the necessary treatment to restore your carpet to its pre-damaged condition. Hiring Swept Away Restoration ensures proper drying, reducing the risk of further damage and preserving its lifespan. 

They are committed to providing high-quality restoration services and trust their expertise to remove excess moisture, ensuring a long-lasting and clean carpet.


Factors to Consider When Deciding to Replace Carpet

Swept Away Restoration emphasizes the importance of assessing the cost and condition of your carpet before deciding whether to replace it after water damage. 

They assess the extent of damage, the durability of the carpet, and the overall condition of the carpet. If the damage is minimal, they may repair the affected area instead of replacing the entire carpet. They specialize in handling carpets, including nylon and polyester, and provide professional advice on the best option.


Alternatives to Carpet Replacement After Flooded House Damage

Swept Away Restoration offers professional carpet cleaning and water extraction services to salvage damaged carpets. They assess the severity of the damage and provide expert advice. If the water is clean and the carpet is slightly wet, they can remove excess moisture and deep clean. They can give carpet replacement services if the water is contaminated or the carpet is saturated. They understand the situation's urgency and provide prompt response times to minimize mold and mildew growth.



Swept Away Restoration, located in Jacksonville, OR, is here to help when dealing with flooded house damage. It's vital to assess the extent of water damage to the carpet and consult with our experts in water damage restoration. Factors like the age and condition of the carpet and the severity of the flooding will be considered before deciding whether replacement is necessary.

Don't face the challenges of flooded house damage alone. Contact Swept Away Restoration in Jacksonville, OR, and let our experts handle the job. 

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