Is Damage Old Or Fresh? Jackson County Water Damage Repair

Is Damage Old Or Fresh? Jackson County Water Damage Repair

Differentiating between old and new water damage is essential for several reasons. First, being aware of the length of the issue is beneficial since it will assist you in evaluating the difficult circumstances.

Any home may experience the nightmare of water damage. However, before you panic at any acute symptoms, you should determine whether your property has recent or past water damage.

Then you may decide if your problem is severe enough to require consulting Jackson County water damage companies.

This article will teach you to tell whether water damage is new or old, specifically in three scenarios. In both situations, you'll find that Jackson County water damage repair is beneficial.


How Can I Spot New or Old Flooded Home Damage

Here are three clues that will help you figure out how recent the water damage is.

  1. Recent water damage is visible as a dark water stain. It is new if the surface feels rough.
  2. On older water damage, dry water rings can be noticed. A spongy surface will also be present in this type of water damage.
  3. It will start to grow mold and mildew with gray or black spots.


How Can I Determine Water Damage Age?

Below are the steps you should follow to assess how old your water damage is.

  • Feel the area: Touch any wet areas you find. The ceiling must have soaked up much water if the surface is squishy, indicating that the water damage is more recent.
  • Search for rings: Watch out for shadowy locations. If there isn't a ring of water damage around the surface, it presumably just happened. There must be significant water damage if there are rings around the dark spot. The time of rings reveals how long it has been since water first permeated the surface.
  • Examine the materials: Look for any spots where water may have become trapped in the tiles and thick paint on your walls and ceiling. Even a short time of water could reveal substantial, long-lasting water damage.
  • Check for mold: Infestations of mold are a sign that the damage brought on by the water has lingered for at least two to three days.
  • Keep an eye out for Decay: Typically, additional water damage does not cause household products to degrade. The water damage, however, is more recent if there is any deterioration on your walls or ceilings, indicating that these regions have been consistently exposed to standing water.


Is Damage Old Or Fresh? Jackson County Water Damage Repair

Get Help With Jackson County Water Damage Repair

Since water damage is a common problem in Jackson County, it's imperative to know what to do if you see any signs that it might affect your property.

Even if it wouldn't make the problem disappear, knowing whether the water damage is new or old is crucial to figure out how serious it is. This knowledge is necessary for specialists to go in and solve the problem.

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