Insurance Covered Water Damage. Ashland Flooded House Repair

Insurance Covered Water Damage. Ashland Flooded House Repair

When your home unexpectedly floods, it can be tempting to feel fear and anger. The first step in cleaning up the mess caused by flood damage is to find out what your insurance policy covers.

Here’s some more info from the pros at Swept Away Restoration on how homeowner’s insurance handles sudden and accidental damage.

Luckily, Swept Away Restoration Ashland, deal with most local insurance providers, so we can help with claims, or offer affordable home restoration if something isn’t covered.


Does Water Damage Go Unpaid By Homeowners Insurance?

If the flooding was unexpected, most homeowners’ policies would help pay for repairs. If a pipe in your home suddenly bursts, the ensuing damage is probably covered by your insurance. In contrast, the policy does not pay for water damage that happens gradually.

It’s common for a homeowner’s insurance policy to include two types of coverage, one for structural damage and the other for personal possessions.

  • Dwelling: If your home sustains structural damage because of a covered peril, this can help you recover some costs associated with fixing the problem. Therefore, dwelling coverage may assist with the cost of repairing a wall after a water pipe bursts unexpectedly.
  • Personal Property: If your private property is lost, stolen, or destroyed because of a risk covered by your policy, this will help compensate you for your loss. A computer or desk may be covered under personal property insurance if they are damaged by water from a burst pipe.


Remember that your coverage probably won’t kick in until you’ve paid a deductible, which is standard practice for all insurance providers and insurance policies.


Homeowners Insurance Does Not Pay for Water Damage If:

Coverage under a homeowner’s insurance policy for water damage highly depends on the origin of the water that did the damage.

The following are examples of situations in which your homeowner’s insurance will not apply:


  • If your dishwasher leaked and ruined your kitchen’s hardwood floor, your homeowner’s insurance would not cover the appliance’s cost. Still, that sum suffices to pay for the price of floor repairs.
  • Neglected maintenance — Your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t pay for water damage caused by a broken hose connection that has been leaking for months.
  • Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover any problems brought on by water levels exceeding normal. Is there special insurance needed for this sort of loss?


Water Damage Prevention

Prevention measures are less stressful and take much less time, even if water damage is covered. Here are some ways to keep water from wrecking your house:


  • Washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators, and other appliances that use water should have their supplies and draining hoses checked.
  • Sediment buildup in a water heater can cause leaks, so it’s essential to drain the tank twice a year.
  • Installing water leak detectors near potable water appliances is a good idea.
  • When the temperature drops below freezing, you can avoid the hassle of thawing frozen pipes by keeping them toasty and insulated. Water should be allowed to trickle through any outdoor sections of the pipe slowly.

No matter how much water damage prevention you have, it is worth keeping Swept Away Restoration phone number close by.


Get Help With Water Damage Repair From Ashland Flooded House Experts

Suppose you understand the coverage provided by your homeowner’s insurance policy. In that case, you’ll be better equipped to discuss the water damage in your home with your insurance company and get a swift resolution to your claim.

Ignoring the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy could leave you on the hook for an absurdly high deductible or the total cost of fixing any water damage.

If you need emergency help, your home is cleaned and back to a suitable living condition, or help with insurance, contact Swept Away for a free estimate.

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