How To Find Home Water Leaks? Medford Water Damage Services

Medford Water Damage Services

Some leaks are so well-hidden that finding them can become a full-time job. It’s possible that sectioning off your house will help you find the source of the leak more quickly.

Before you pick up the phone and dial the number of your local Medford Water Damage Services, consider these factors.


Bathroom Leaks

Your bathrooms are used frequently and have many fixtures that can wear out or break.

Flappers wear and cause toilet leaks. Food coloring in the tank helps identify toilet leaks, and if you spend around 5 to 10 minutes, you’ve found a leak. Replace the valve seal and recheck for leaks.

Old or worn washers and gaskets can’t form a seal to prevent water leakage. Calcification around the faucet and handles or a slow drip or stream from the faucet shows leaks. Replace the washers and gaskets first.

Bathtub leaks occur when the tub develops fissures or cracks. Fill the tub to the overflow, plug the drain, and wait an hour to see if the water escapes.

Any long-term leaks need Medford water damage services from Swept Away Restoration, as bathrooms are typically on the second floor and can cause severe damage.


Utility Room Leaks Are Fixed With Swept Away Restoration

Multiple factors cause water heater leaks. A pressure release valve that malfunctions should be replaced immediately. The internal water container cracking or rupturing is another problem. If the internal container (usually glass) breaks, you’ll need a new water heater.

Familiar washing machine leaks can cause flooding. If you see water under your washing machine, it’s likely a pump failure or hose rupture. Likewise, water leaking from the washing machine’s back shows a hose rupture or collapse. Service your washer annually or after prolonged inactivity to avoid leaks.

Air conditioner condensation can overflow the condensate pan or drain line. This is important when heating or cooling heavily. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent pooling condensation.


Swept Away Restoration Fix Kitchen Leaks

Your kitchen uses water for sinks, drains, and appliances. Pooling water on the kitchen floor shows a problem. Some kitchen mishaps:

A leaky fridge leak resembles an AC. The drip pan can overflow without proper ventilation or excess condensation. A refrigerator’s ruptured or kinked water supply line can also leak.

Leaking disposals drip or stream water from the bottom. This leak will damage the cabinet below your sink and may cause a rotten smell.

If your dishwasher leaks, water may leak from the door or pool beneath it. The broken water pump or multiple hoses and clamps on the water delivery and drain hoses may be to blame.

Some kitchens have coffee or tea brewers, auto-fill water filters, and other water-based conveniences. These supply lines may become brittle, break, break off their connection, or malfunction. Check all water supply lines for pliability, cracks, dryness, and firm connection.


Medford Water Damage Services


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