How Pros Find Leaks. Jacksonville Water Restoration Service

How Pros Find Leaks. Jacksonville Water Restoration Service

It’s essential to take an accurate inventory of the damage to a building after a flood or other water disaster.

Experts in water damage restoration in Jacksonville, Oregon, Swept Away Restoration use many tools to pinpoint problem areas and determine how long drying equipment needs to run.

After the water has been drained, the removal crew will use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to dry the area out. Depending on the materials, drying time ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks.

During the drying process, Swept Away Restoration’s IICRC-certified water restoration service crews will keep you updated on the status of your property. They may change the setup as they get new readings from their moisture meters.

The equipment they used to detect invisible water is described.



The Meaning Of A Moisture Meter

There is more to water damage than meets the eye in a home or business. Any porous material will eventually be invaded by water. Therefore, it is crucial to dry the building entirely for structural stability and occupant health.

Mold and mildew growth and material deterioration have been linked to high humidity levels. Therefore, moisture meters are used before, during, and after water restoration work in Jacksonville to evaluate the damage, track the drying process, and ensure the structure is completely dry.

A moisture meter is a device used to measure the amount of moisture present in a substance. The moisture levels are read off by the meters. In most cases, you’ll be able to switch between a wood scale and a non-wood scale on the same meter. A widespread example is drywall.

The gypsum scale is often rated as a third scale. Moisture meters such as these are what you need to check drywall for dampness. The meter’s precision depends on its type, brand, material, and user’s expertise.


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Moisture Meters Used By Jacksonville Water Damage Repair Pros

Professionals in the water damage restoration industry use one of three different moisture meters.


Pin-Type Water Meters

Pin-type moisture meters have two pins that pierce the material to determine its moisture content. By inserting pins to a predetermined depth (typically 5/16”), moisture levels can be determined by measuring the resulting change in electrical resistance.

The amount of moisture in a material can be determined by testing the conductivity between uninsulated pins.

Readings can also be taken by simply touching the pins to the material. Pin-type meters are the most accurate way to determine the precise location and depth of moisture; however, they are also the most invasive.

To dry thoroughly and efficiently, it is necessary to distinguish between the moisture levels at the surface and deeper in the material.


Pinless Water Meters

Electrical impedance is used by pinless moisture meters to detect moisture. While conventional pin-type moisture meters require penetration to function, pinless models do not.

They have a depth reading capability of 34.1 inches, making them ideal for inspecting concrete and other subfloors for defects. They can find dampness under tile and other shiny surfaces.


All-In-One Water Finding Meters

All-in-one meter has the features of both pin-type and pinless meters. Both types of testing are available on this type of meter, allowing for both broad issue detection and fine-tuned detection of moisture buildup. Two different meter scales are replicated on this handy restoration tool.


Get Help With Water Damage With Jacksonville Water Restoration Service

Using moisture meters in water damage restoration is crucial. These gauges evaluate, track, and guarantee that drying is complete.

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