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Mold is a fungus that arises from minute spores found all over the place. When humidity rises above 70%, mold spores become active and spread. That means that if the temperature rises above 65 degrees, mold is more likely to grow and spread in your home.

Because mold can harm your health, you should know how it might spread in your home. Also, since mold often starts from leaks or floods, you’ll see why you need an Ashland water damage repair company on hand.


Mold Growth’s Essential Ingredients

Mold spores are everywhere, but they aren’t always active, so we aren’t always vulnerable to mold-related illnesses. Mold must have the following conditions to grow and spread:

  • To reproduce, mold spores must settle on a damp surface such as a wet floor, carpet, or wood.
  • Mold spores are activated in warm, humid environments with humidity above 70%.
  • Mold can only grow if it has water. Therefore, mold cannot grow without a constant supply of water.

Floods and leaks offer the ideal grounds to grow, and they can show signs within 48 hours. Therefore, Ashland water damage repair, such as Swept Away Restoration, must work fast.


How Mold Spreads In Your Home?

Mold in your house may be challenging to find and eradicate, but it is not impossible. Mold can spread in a variety of ways, including:

  • Mold spores can travel through the air and spread.
  • Warm and humid air - These spores spread more quickly in the warm and humid air.
  • Mold is attracted to moisture; thus, it needs a water source to thrive.
  • Mold spores in the air can easily find their way into your home and stay there until flooded or removed. As a result, you must keep track of any leaks or water damage from your home.


Here’s What To Do With Mold?

If you suspect mold in your home, you should have it inspected by a reliable company. Swept Away Restoration is used to deal with these issues quickly to make your home healthy again.

A certified water damage repair company uses high-volume water pumps and drying equipment to get your home far from the ideal mold-growing conditions.

If you need mold removed, chances are it is more to your insurance claim for walls and more. Swept Away Restoration works directly with many insurance companies so that you can avoid delays.


Ashland Water Damage Repair Professionals


Get Help To Stop Mold With Ashland Water Damage Repair Professionals

You can do a few things to stop mold from growing in your home. However, if you suspect a mold problem in your house, you should always be prepared to call the professionals.

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