Grey Water In Basement. Jacksonville Water Damage Repair

Jacksonville Water Damage Repair

Different floods do different damage, did you know that? Given how frequently homes flood, it’s important to comprehend the potential damage that grey water floods could cause to your home.

Learn how grey water flooding affects your basement and why you’ll need Jacksonville water damage repair professionals to help.


What Is Grey Water Damage?

Between clean and black water, there is a second type of water damage known as grey water damage. In the “grey area,” grey water is less dangerous than clean water, but not as dangerous as black water.

Although less toxic than black water, grey water comes from contaminated sources like toilets, washing machines, sump pumps, and other equipment.

Because so many houses use these appliances there, the basement is more exposed. Grey water might still be harmful for contact with residents because of its sources.


What To Do After a Grey Water Flood

If you notice grey water flooding, speak to a specialist as soon as you can, depending on the severity of the pollution and flood damage.

DIY water removal should be undertaken cautiously.

Water removal businesses have the equipment and procedures required to be secure and away from grey water. Therefore, avoid being around when grey water is being cleaned up.


Jacksonville Water Damage Repair and Cleanup

To ensure you can restore your basement to a safe and livable condition, you’ll need to take extra steps while cleaning. Grey water may include bacteria and viruses, so you’ll also need to dry and sanitize the basement.

If furniture or infected items can’t be cleaned thoroughly or are hard to sterilize or disinfect, they should be thrown away. Without adequate sanitation, you risk becoming ill from the germs in grey water.

Any water damage increases the risk that mold may grow in your home, therefore you should also perform any necessary mold and mildew cleanup. Monitor the humidity in your basement because these are common areas for moisture buildup after floods.


Jacksonville Water Damage Repair


Fix Grey Water Damage With Jacksonville Water Damage Repair

Flooding from grey water can have various negative repercussions on your home and health. However, because you now know how grey water flooding affects your basement and how to cope with it, you’ll be ready if a flooding disaster occurs.

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