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Did you know that depending on the type of floodwater, there are many forms of flood damage? Given how frequently homes flood, it’s crucial to understand how grey water floods might harm your residence.

Learn how grey water flooding affects your basement and why you’ll need Jackson County water damage repair professionals to help.


What Is Grey Water Damage?

There is a second form of water damage called grey water damage between clean and black water. Grey water is in the “grey area,” less unsafe than clean water but not as hazardous as black water.

Grey water comes from contaminated sources such as toilets, washing machines, sump pumps, and other appliances, albeit less dangerous than black water.

The basement is more vulnerable because so many households use these appliances there. However, because of its sources, grey water can still be dangerous for touch with homeowners.


What To Do After a Grey Water Flood

Once you see grey water flooding, contact a specialist as soon as possible, depending on the extent of the flood damage and contamination. DIY water removal should be done with prudence.

Companies specializing in water removal have the tools and protocols necessary to stay safe and away from grey water. So, stay as far away from the grey water cleanup process as possible.


Extra Cleanup and Jackson County Water Damage Repair

You’ll need to take extra precautions during the cleanup procedure to ensure you can return your basement to a safe and livable condition. You’ll also need to dry your basement and sterilize the area because grey water may contain viruses and bacteria.

Any furniture or contaminated objects that are difficult to sanitize or disinfect should be thrown away if they can’t be cleaned properly. You run the danger of getting sick from the bacteria in grey water without proper sanitation.

Any water damage increases the likelihood that mold may grow in your home, so you should also do any essential mold and mildew cleanup. In addition, monitor the humidity in your basement because they are familiar places for post-flood moisture buildup.


Get Help To Fix Grey Water Damage With Jackson County Water Damage Repair

Grey water flooding can have various adverse effects on your house and health. However, you’ll be prepared if a flooding event happens since you now understand how grey water flooding impacts your basement and how to deal with it.

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