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Flooded basement carpets are difficult to clean and dry, especially if a storm or a burst pipe flooded the basement. Underground portions of the house lack sunlight and fresh air, making it difficult to dry a wet carpet. Leaving something wet could lead to mold and odors.

Causes of a flooded basement vary. Over-saturated ground, an overflowing body of water, a malfunctioning sump pump, storm sewage backups, or a burst pipe might cause a house. These issues will cause unclean water to flood your basement. If you plan to do the flooded basement repairs yourself, you'll need a sump pump.

Here are some steps you can follow to start the cleaning process, yet you can get help from Swept Away Restoration, the number one carpet cleaners in Medford.   


What Impacts Flood Damaged Carpets?

Depending on the type of carpet and the amount of water in your basement, a carpet fixture may be made unsalvageable.

Wet padding carpets, for example, will be made worthless after a grey or blackwater flood and should be destroyed as soon as possible. If not done correctly, these can absorb bacteria and dangerous things like sponges.

To help you, here are the measures for drying carpets in a flooded basement, as recommended by our experts at Swept Away Restoration:


1# Drain or Remove water.

Remove as much water as possible from the flooded basement using a wet-dry vacuum—or pumps. To make sure no water keeps your carpets in a damp condition, run a wet-dry vacuum over them.

Remove minor puddles with a mop and ensure these areas are free of flooding.


2# Check how wet the basement is.

Remove any water-damaged furniture and place it in your yard to dry completely in the sun, as scents and mold growth might be a problem. To help the drying process, circulate fresh air using fans and dehumidifiers.

If your flooded basement has windows, make sure they're open, and the same goes for the basement doors. If the humidity in the air is too high, turn on the air conditioner to reduce moisture in the air.


3# Begin to Dry The Carpet

Begin pulling the carpet from the tack strips and discarding the padding as soon as the preceding procedures have been completed.

This will allow the subfloor to completely dry and protect it from more damage. You can circulate air on both sides by setting up chairs or ladders to tent your carpet over.


4# Sanitize and Deodorize

Make sure the basement and carpeting are completely dry before you begin. Professional flood damage restoration services typically use cutting-edge moisture testing equipment. They'll also be able to locate hidden pockets of water and regions prone to mildew and mold growth.

Medford flood damage repair professionals use steam cleaning to eliminate bacteria and remove odors is the best approach to ensure a thorough cleaning. After that, carpets are thoroughly dried to avoid any chance of mold setting in.


Flooded House Cleanup Professionals

Get Help From Flooded House Cleanup Professionals

Without the correct equipment, cleaning a flooded basement and ensuring that there are no deadly mold and mildew growths is tough.

It's a time-consuming process that involves a lot of laborious lugging and a lengthy drying period. Instead, swept Away Restoration Medford recommends contacting the experts in flood damage restoration.

If you need emergency help for restoration and how to process your insurance claim, then you need experts. Contact Swept Away for a free estimate or speak to staff directly if you have an emergency.

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