Fix Flood Damaged Wood Floors. Medford Flood Damage Repair

Flood Damage Repair in Medford

Many homeowners are proud of their flooring, mainly hardwood. However, water heater leaks and natural calamities are typical causes of water damage.

You may wonder if you should repair or replace water-damaged floors. While each circumstance is unique and requires professional help, there are a few strategies to choose for Medford flood damage repair to get your floors back.


Type Of Water Damage Determines Next Step

The Source of water damage will determine if you need to repair or replace floors.


Category 1 water is clean and untainted.

Damaged floors from category 1 water can be dried and restored.

Category 2 water, or gray water, may contain pollutants.

Clean and disinfect it.

Gray water damage can be dried, cleaned, repaired, or replaced depending on the type of flooring.

Category 3 water comes from sewage or flooding and is polluted.

Category 3 water permanently destroys floors.


What Happens With Water Damage?

The decision to repair or replace water-damaged flooring depends on the damage.

Minor damages can typically be easily fixed for less money than replacing. However, replacing huge sections may be more cost-effective even if the damage is cosmetic and the floor is functioning.

Mold can grow within 24-48 hours of water damage; therefore, mold growth on or under your floors could cause a bigger problem if the drying procedure doesn't begin within that time limit.


DIY or Professional Water Damage Removal?

Again, the damage may determine whether you do it yourself or pay a pro. Cosmetic damage can easily be DIYed.

If you've opted not to salvage any of the floorings, you may be able to DIY the tear-out and replacement. However, if you need extensive damage repaired or water dried, call a flooded home damage mitigation specialist to ensure mold is removed.

Water-damaged floors are an excellent excuse to rebuild. However, if you spend money repairing the floors, it may make more sense to buy new floors that complement your home's aesthetic. Flooring damage is an excellent excuse to start a home renovation.

Flood Damage Repair in Medford


Get Help To Fix Flood Damage Repair in Medford

Excess water can harm your flooring and subfloor. Depending on the damage and mold, damaged subfloors must be fixed or replaced. They can harm your floor and are unsafe.

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