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Help With Flood Damage From Jacksonville Flooded House Cleanup

We can all agree that you have a severe issue in your building, whether a slow-dripping pipe or a sudden burst pipe in your office or commercial space.

Walls and floors can be weakened by water damage, but that’s not all. As well as posing a health risk due to the spread of germs, structural damage caused by flooding can make your workplace unstable.

Check out these options for fixing commercial water damage with Jacksonville Water Damage Repair professionals and getting back to work as soon as possible.


Why Pipes Burst In Commercial Facilities?

There are a few potential causes for a pipe burst in a business or office setting. Of course, there is always the possibility of a pipe burst, whether your building is equipped with old iron pipes, brand-new PVC pipes, shiny copper pipes, or something else entirely.


Freezing Weather

In cold climates like Jacksonville, frozen pipes often burst. This is because freezing water expands, causing excess pressure and pipe failure at weak points.

Often, pipes will burst at a joint, mainly if it’s old. Sometimes ice splits the pipe open. To fix this, you’ll need Jacksonville water damage restoration.



Many buildings have galvanized iron or copper pipes. Even clean water’s minerals will wear away galvanized coating, exposing bare iron. Once that happens, the metal rusts, and the pipe narrows. It fails under pressure.


Water Pressure

Pressure limits the pipes’ capacity. A high psi can cause pipes to burst at weak points or outside, like ice, rust, and other blockages. Increasing water pressure, especially abruptly, can damage your plumbing.

Too much water pressure can cause you to lose faucets, fixtures, and toilets, causing more damage than a single burst pipe.


Pipe Movement Caused By Water Hammer

Pipe brackets or clips sometimes come loose or aren’t adequately secured. If you turn off your water and hear banging or knocking, that’s a “water hammer,” which means your pipes move in response to the sudden stop.

This movement can weaken joints and other pipe parts, causing sudden and catastrophic failure.


What To Do When A Pipe At Your Business Bursts

A burst pipe flooded your business this morning. However, you can prevent further damage without calling a pro by taking several steps.


Shut Off Electricity: First, cut power to the flooded area. Everyone in the building is at risk of electrocution until the power is turned off. If the flooding is too bad or you don’t know which breaker to flip, turn off the building’s power.


Shut Off The Water: You must quickly shut off the water main or affected pipe valves. If you can’t turn off the water, call Swept Away Restoration, and we’ll be there quickly.


Contact Jacksonville Flooded Home Cleanup Professionals

Plumbers can fix or replace broken pipes, although Swept Away Restoration can clean and repair water damage.

  • After turning off the water and waiting for us, move your important documents, electronics, personal items, and other items to a dry place.
  • Use fans to dry the items. Portable dehumidifiers are also great. The sooner you dry items, the less you’ll have to replace them.
  • Start mopping up the water with a bucket. Every bit of water you remove from affected areas prevents further damage and starts the drying process.


Help With Flood Damage From Jacksonville Flooded House Cleanup


Get Help With Flood Damage From Jacksonville Flooded House Cleanup

Swept Away Restoration can assess the water damage on your Jacksonville property. Then, we will walk through your facility with you to explain our findings and plans.

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