Facts Of Mold And Health. Jacksonville Flooded House Repair

Jacksonville Flooded House Repair

Even the most spotless homes can be vulnerable, and since the problem is frequently concealed, your health may be at risk. In addition, mold is problematic because it frequently remains unreported until the family starts to experience its effects. Even then, you might think that seasonal changes cause your coughing and itchy eyes.

Swept Away Restoration shares this information to help homeowners understand the problems they may face when they have a water leak or drip that leads to a mold infestation. Jacksonville flooded house repair isn’t something that can wait, as mold can take over in less than 48 hours.


Why Are Black Mold Mycotoxins Unhealthy?

Stachybotrys chartarum, a species of mold that may swiftly spread throughout your home, is that black substance that grows in moist areas.

Dab a few drops of household bleach on the blackened spot to check for mildew, black mold’s less harmful cousin. You must act quickly if it lightens after one to two minutes, as this indicates the presence of mildew.

The microscopic organisms can be inhaled, and the spores can spread through contact. In addition, their capacity to rapidly mutate can disastrously affect persons with compromised immune systems and allergies.

Black mold is harmful to the young and the elderly. Airborne contaminants that encounter the eye or are inhaled can enter the brain through the optic nerve, whereas airborne contaminants that are inhaled cannot.


Health Risks Of Mold Exposure

Fortunately, there aren’t many serious health problems brought on by mold, and the majority look like a persistent cold or the flu.

However, research shows a direct connection between mold exposure and several health problems.

Although you are undoubtedly already familiar with typical symptoms similar to allergic reactions, mold can cause a far wider variety of health problems.

  • Asthma patients are frequently impacted. Studies have shown that they deal with a rise in the frequency of episodes and an aggravation in the severity of their assaults.
  • Exposure to Aspergillus, a typical mold that exists indoors and out, results in the infection known as aspergillosis. Those with weakened immune systems and persistent lung conditions are particularly vulnerable.
  • People susceptible to hypersensitivity pneumonitis may experience severe health problems due to having mold in their homes. According to experts, this condition can develop after just a few hours of exposure.


Consider contacting a reputable water damage restoration company as this amount of mold comes from substantial water leaks.

When you have as much information as possible, most problems are simpler to deal with. We aim to assist you in maintaining your property, but we understand that some tasks are too huge.

Jacksonville Flooded House Repair


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