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If your home is flooded, the water must originate from somewhere, and one thing you can learn about water is that it flows from the highest to the lowest point before it collects.

Even the hard-to-see areas of a home must be regularly inspected for signs of damage by the owner. An inspection of the roof, for instance, can be challenging.

Consider many ways to spot roof damage. First, ensure you are aware of the four warning signs of roof water damage in your house. Then, when you call the experts in Medford water damage repair, being aware of these signs will help you detect roof damage early and give you a head start.


Signs of Mold and Mildew Around The Home

Nobody wants to come home to mold or mildew. Depending on where you locate them, these things may show several problems throughout your home, but they can also be a symptom of roof water damage.

If you discover mold indoors on your ceilings or attic, the water damage may already have spread. In addition, the outer walls where your roof and home connect can also develop mold. Hidden mold needs professionals such as Swept Away Restoration as it can hide behind drywall, and you’ll never notice until too late.


Water Spots Signal You Need Medford Water Damage Repair

Indoor water stains on the walls and ceiling are a negative sign that potential water damage has spread. When your roof or plumbing leaks, water stains might develop. Before the water damage worsens or becomes mold, identify the root cause and take care of the problem.


Roof or Shingle Damage

Under normal circumstances, homeowners have few reasons to suspect damage to their roofs. However, inspect your roof for damage if there have recently been powerful winds or a storm in your neighborhood.

Winter storms and rain should be treated seriously, strong enough to damage your roof. During a storm, water might enter through any damaged parts right away.


Get Help To Find Hidden Damage With Medford Water Damage Repair Professionals

Always watch out for signs of roof water damage in your home. Contact Swept Away Restoration if you see or suspect mold growth in your home.

Our mold specialists will assist you in identifying the root cause of your mold problems and repairing your home to its ideal state.

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