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With insurance claims, it helps to know the difference between a flood and water damage. Unfortunately, many people mistake flood damage for water damage. However, there are significant differences to notice on closer inspection, as each has peculiarities that affect damage and resolution.

As a result, insurance coverage must differentiate between flood and water damage. Before filing your insurance claim, you must confirm the damages comply with the definition. Luckily, Swept Away Restoration deals with insurance and can ensure you give the correct details.

Water damage that isn’t caused by a flood isn’t covered by flood insurance. However, all insurance needs can be met by Medford Water damage Repair.


Water Damage Definition and Effects

Most of the water damage is caused by plumbing issues. For example, a leaking pipe or spilled water could cause damage to the walls, ceiling, or furniture in your home. In the winter, old pipes may burst, causing comparable damage.

If the leak or break isn’t discovered and repaired quickly, it can cause extensive damage to your home’s surrounding areas. Furthermore, upper-floor damage is more difficult to repair since water always finds its way down, causing more damage.

Fires can also cause water damage. For example, if the water used to put out a home fire is left unattended for days, it might cause damage.


Flood Damage and Impact

Water invading your home causes flood damage. Flooding occurs when heavy rain from higher elevations collects in low-lying places. This can also happen in urban areas with poorly maintained sewers or near water bodies that experience flooding due to water release.

Flood damage may occur if the contents of a clogged sewer system overflow due to heavy rain and invade your home. The same thing would happen if a dam burst and flooded the area.

Water Damage Caused By Weather?

There are no ambiguities in the definitions. All weather-related water accidents do not cause water damage. Most insurance plans would only consider water damage if water entered your home through a faulty roof or poorly treated concrete walls.

Water damage occurs when water enters your home through the surface rather than through the damage.


Medford Water Damage Professionals

Get Help From Medford Water Damage Professionals To Fix All Water Damage

Water damage restoration professionals will repair your home to pre-damage damage.

Restoration companies like Swept Away Restoration Medford offer restoration for flood cleanup and water damage.

Our team can also decide whether the damage is underwater or water damage for insurance claims. All water damage is water damage; however, not all damage is caused by a flood. If you only had one type of insurance, you’d have to ensure the damage was covered or pay for it yourself.

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