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Water damage threatens your family’s safety and home’s worth. Jackson County residents will eventually deal with flood damage and odor. The smell might be a health danger if caused by mold or mildew. Knowing how to remove water damage odor is crucial.

Our experts will present three ways to combat odors after a flood or mold infestation: However, rather than risking your health and your home, it is advisable to use the help of Jackson County, water damage repair professionals: Swept Away Restoration.



Check For Moisture Sources

After drying the affected areas, check for other moisture sources. Inspect the bathroom, kitchen, and basement for mold growth.

You may also use air-moving fans or dehumidifiers to dry out water damage moisture.


Get Rid of Mold

Check for mold in your home. Small mold concentrations may seem harmless, but you must remove them to prevent future growth.

Mold spores can damage the lungs, so it is best to leave the removal to professionals such as Swept Away Restoration in Jackson County.

Mold spores attract bacteria, settle on any other damp areas once disturbed, and ruin your home.

Scrub mold with hot water and soap or spray it with white vinegar, killing mold and germs. Don’t forget to dry the area afterward and ensure there’s no moisture.

If not mold, check carpets and furniture for odors. If so, deodorize them:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it overnight before the carpet. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that helps eradicate odor.
  2. Spray vinegar over the upholstery and air dry it. Vinegar’s antimicrobial capabilities help fight musty odors.

Swept Away Restoration can help you call odor sources. In addition, our crew can handle water damage restoration, odor elimination, and mold abatement in Jackson County and adjacent counties.


Don’t Mask Smells

It’s easy to get frustrated by the odor and use deodorizing sprays or other air fresheners to conceal it. These may neutralize the smell meanwhile, but they won’t minimize the health concerns of mold and mildew growth.

If the odor persists despite your attempts, there may be hidden water damage on the property. In this circumstance, you need to call Swept Away Restoration to help address the problem.


Jackson County Water Damage Cleanup Company

Get Help From Jackson County Water Damage Cleanup Company

Homeowners must know what to do when they smell water damage. Unfortunately, they may produce more than an unpleasant smell.

Mold growth and unknown water damage are too risky to ignore. Don’t take chances; hire an expert to remove the odor thoroughly.

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