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Our team has the experience of quickly and efficiently handling even the most complicated water damage restorations. We understand that flooding can be a traumatic event for homeowners, so we strive to provide them with fast, reliable service so they can get their lives back on track as soon as possible.

Swept Away Restoration is the leading provider of cost-effective flooded house cleanup solutions in Medford, OR.

Our flooded house cleanup services restore your home quickly and effectively while preserving its value.

We use advanced techniques like extraction, dehumidification, drying out walls and floors, cleaning up debris from water damage incidents, odor removal, mold remediation, and more.


Understanding Our Cost-Effective Flooded House Cleanup Process

At Swept Away Restoration, we have developed a comprehensive flooded house cleanup process that ensures all damaged areas are identified and addressed promptly with minimal disruption to other parts of the property or surrounding areas.

From initial assessment through final restoration completion, our team works hard to ensure maximum results in a minimum time frame without sacrificing quality workmanship or customer satisfaction.

During this process, we ensure that all affected materials are safely removed from the premises before any repairs begin. Thorough cleaning processes occur, followed by expertly applied sealants to prevent further contamination or damage from occurring inside the home or office building. 


Professionalism & Quality Workmanship at Its Best

With professional flooded house cleanup services, no one does it better than Swept Away Restoration!

Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and proven repair methods necessary when dealing with flood waters on residential properties and commercial buildings throughout the Medford, OR, area.

All our work meets local codes & regulations while providing maximum protection against future flooding events–something only experienced professionals like us can guarantee!

Whether you need minor repairs because of limited flooding or full-scale restoration due to an extensive water infestation, our team is here 24/7.

We can respond immediately during day/night hours, making us one of the best providers of effective yet cost-saving solutions for flood-related issues within homes & businesses alike! 


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No matter the problem’s size or scope, call Swept Away Restoration; let the award-winning team turn a nightmare into a dream.

With years of combined experience behind cutting-edge technology know-how few other competitors possess, there is no better choice than anyone seeking a cost-effective yet dependable solution to problems causing floods anywhere near the Medford area!

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