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Every homeowner dreads water damage as you’ll need time and money to set your home’s original condition.

Flooding usually begins in the basement and often comes from a leaky foundation and heavy rains. When you find water in your home, act immediately as rapid mediation prevents damage and saves you money.

Here’s why you need Ashland flooded house repair professionals to make your home livable.


Where To Start With Flooded House Repair

Water damage cleanup is a labor-intensive and time-consuming project. However, you can follow a few measures to make the work easier. First, to save time and money, hire a professional. Swept Away Restoration will clean up the mess.

We are professionals in flood water mitigation and home restoration. So, here are some steps to get a dry basement.


Save Your Undamaged Belongings

Once you find water in your home, begin repairs. First, move any furniture, appliances, or electronic equipment out of the area. If water is only in a corner or puddle, move your furniture to a dry room.

A few inches of water on the floor will require transferring everything out of the area or to a higher house level.

Even if you don’t move them out of the room, unplug any electronic equipment or appliances to prevent electrocution danger. If the area is flooded, turn off the water to the house.


Remove Standing Water With Flooded Home Damage Repair Experts

After flooding, remove the water. Leaving water in your home too long will cause difficulties. For example, standing water seeps into the floorboards, causing the wood to decay.  If this continues, you’ll need new flooring. Drywall absorbs water like a sponge. Soon, watermarks will act how far up the wall the water got. So it’s essential to drain water quickly.

The amount of water in your home will affect how you get rid of it. Homeowners can soak up tiny volumes with mops, towels, and buckets and push water toward floor drains if possible.

Flood damage repair such as Swept Away Restoration uses high-power pumps to get rid of all traces of floodwater as fast as possible.


Dry the Area and Stop Mold

After removing the water, dry the area. Wet-dry vacuum up every drop of water on the floor. Opening all the windows will help evaporate any lingering water if it is warm. Mold will form less if you dry the area quickly, and it is here where professionals such as Swept Away Restoration are worth their weight in gold. We can stop mold from appearing if we are called right away.

When you call a flooded home damage repair specialist, we come running and can help get everything sorted.


Get Help With Damage Assessment and Fixes From Ashland Water Damage Experts

You can start the damage once everything is dry. But, first, inspect water-damaged furniture and other items in the room. Many homeowners leave trash on the curb or take a dumpster if they have a lot of damage. Swept Away Restoration can help you minimize damage in your home.

If you need emergency help for restoration and how to process your insurance claim, then you need experts. Contact Swept Away for a free estimate or speak to staff directly if you have an emergency.

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