Clean Basement Flood: Jackson County OR Flooded House Cleanup


Experiencing a basement flood can be a stressful and overwhelming event. Once the water has receded, it’s crucial to take immediate action to clean and restore your floor. Our guide will guide you through cleaning your floor after a basement flood in Jackson County, OR. 

Swept Away Restoration, a trusted provider of flooded house cleanup and water damage repair services in Jackson County, is here to assist you with professional solutions. Let’s explore the steps to effectively clean your floor and restore your basement.


Assess the damage.

Before you clean, assess the extent of the damage to your basement floor. Note any structural damage, like cracks or warping, as well as any signs of mold or mildew growth. This assessment will help you determine the steps for cleaning and restoration.


Ensure Safety Precautions

Safety should be your top priority when cleaning up after a basement flood. Follow these safety precautions:

Turn off the power. Before entering your basement, ensure the power is turned off to prevent the risk of electrical shock. If you’re unsure how to do this safely, contact a professional electrician.

Wear Protective Gear: Put on rubber gloves, boots, and a face mask to protect yourself from potentially harmful substances and contaminants in the floodwater.

Ventilate the Area: Open windows and use fans or dehumidifiers to improve airflow and reduce moisture levels in the basement.


Remove Standing Water.

Use a wet or dry vacuum or a pump to remove any remaining standing water from your basement floor. Start from the lowest point and work your way towards the exit to ensure thorough water removal.


Clean and Disinfect.

Follow these steps to clean and disinfect your basement floor effectively:

Remove Debris: Clear out any debris or mud that may have accumulated on the floor. Use a shovel, broom, or dustpan to sweep away larger objects and sediment.

Scrub with a Cleaning Solution: Mix a mild detergent or specialized cleaner with warm water. Use a scrub brush or mop to clean the floor thoroughly. Pay extra attention to corners, crevices, and areas with visible stains.

Disinfect the Floor: After cleaning, disinfect the floor to kill any remaining bacteria or pathogens. Use a solution of bleach and water, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dilution. Apply the solution to the floor and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Dry the Floor: Proper drying is crucial to preventing mold and mildew growth. Use fans, dehumidifiers, or open windows to facilitate airflow and expedite the drying process.


Professional Flooded House Cleanup and Water Damage Repair

If the basement flood has caused significant damage or if you’re concerned about potential mold growth, it is recommended that you seek professional help. Swept Away Restoration offers comprehensive flooded house cleanup and water damage repair services in Jackson County, OR. Our experienced team uses advanced techniques and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning, drying, and restoration of your basement. 

For professional flooded house cleanup and water damage repair in Jackson County, OR. Don’t wait any longer; contact a professional at Swept Away Restoration today for a free estimate or an emergency.

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