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Water Damage Repair With Swept Away Restoration

We can all agree that you have a severe issue in your facility, whether it be a leaky pipe, or a sudden pipe burst in your office or commercial building.

Water damage does more than deteriorate flooring and degrade drywall. Your workplace could become unsafe because of the spread of toxins and structural damage to the building.

Investigate these options for commercial water damage using Jackson Country water damage repair.



What Causes Pipes To Burst In Commercial Settings?

Several potential causes for a pipe bursting in your office or business facility. There is always a potential that the pipes in your facility will burst, whether they are older iron pipes, more recent PVC pipes, copper pipes, or any other plumbing.

Pipes freezing is one of the more frequent causes of pipe bursts when temperatures drop. When water freezes, it expands, generating extra pressure that eventually leads to the pipe’s weakest points failing.

Occasionally, the ice will split the pipe’s side in half. The resulting rupture severely harms your building and the pipe.

Metal pipes are typically made of copper or galvanized iron in many structures. Unfortunately, even the purest water’s minerals strip away the galvanized coating and reveal the naked iron underneath.

Swept Away Restoration is an expert at dealing with floods caused by burst pipes. Leaks like these happen outside regular hours.


Water Pressure Problems Cause Business Floods

There is a limit to how much pressure pipes can withstand. Too high pressure can lead to pipes bursting at their weak spots or out the side, like ice, rust, and other obstructions.

Increasing water pressure can be terrible for your plumbing system, especially if it happens suddenly and dramatically.

When your water pressure is too high, you could also lose fixtures like faucets, spigots, and toilets, which can quickly inflict much more damage than a single broken pipe.

Occasionally, the brackets or clips holding the pipes fall free, and other times, they weren’t properly fastened, to begin with.

When you switch off your water and hear a knocking or banging sound, this is referred to as a “water hammer,” it implies that your pipes are moving because of the abrupt cessation of water flow.

This movement may erode joints and other components of the pipes to the point of failure, which is typically abrupt and disastrous. Water damage repair is most often required as these leaks can go on for hours and will soak drywall and flooring that needs drying.


How To Deal With Burst Pipes?

You just entered your business this morning and discovered water everywhere because of a broken pipe. You may take several actions besides phoning the experts to stop further damage from occurring.


Keep Electricity Off

It would help if you took off the electricity to the flooded area as your first action. You and everyone else in the building are at risk of electrocution since there are electrical outlets, wires, power strips, and other devices all over the place.

If the flooding is too severe or you are unsure which breaker switch to flip, you can turn off the electricity to the entire building.

Find The Source

Sometimes a leak will be clear (such as when water sprays out from a pipe that is exposed), and other times it won’t. You must know its location to stop the valves from opening and direct experts to the leak.

Stop The Flooding

Ideally, you should be able to turn off the water main yourself or close the valves to the damaged pipe, but you must act immediately.

If you cannot turn off the water for any reason, call Swept Away Restoration. We arrive in the shortest time to start our water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Repair With Swept Away Restoration


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