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A burst pipe in your home can cause a lot of problems. If left unattended, it might cause flooding, which can cause damage to your property. It can also endanger your health by exposing you to germs and hazardous substances that spread throughout your home.

Taking care of a burst pipe can be as hazardous. So, while you should act quickly to fix the problem, you must also exercise caution.

Your Ashland water damage repair professionals Swept Away Restoration have put together a guide on fixing a burst pipe.


1. Turn off the primary system source.

Water and electricity are incompatible. When your home is flooded, the first thing you should do is turn off the leading electricity. When there's power on, don't go into standing water.


2. Turn off the main water valve.

If a burst pipe causes flooding, it's simple to block the source. Then, turn off the water main.


3. Locate Items That Can Be Salvaged

You may need to remove some items from the floor, particularly those still usable. Prioritize intact goods over those wet with water while waiting for Ashland water damage repair professionals to help.


4. Take Insurance pictures

Keep track of everything to show your insurance company when you file a claim. Evidence of flooding, as well as the damage it produced, will help you in proving your case. Before the Ashland water damage repair professionals remove any water, make sure you do this.


5. Get rid of any standing water

It's time to remove the standing water after documenting the flood in your home. If one exists, you can use a squeegee to force water to a floor drain. If the floor does not have a drain, you can clean it using a mop and a bucket.

Vacuum the area to dry it out and remove water from hard-to-reach areas once the majority of the standing water has been removed. Ashland water damage repair professionals employ high-powered suction pumps to remove water quickly.


6. Get in Touch With A Flood Damage Repair Company

A flood caused by a burst pipe can cause extensive damage to your property that is difficult to repair on your own. A flood damage restoration business can assist you in cleaning up the mess and repairing the flood damage.


7. Fix Your Problem

It would help if you now concentrated on the primary cause of the flooding, which is a burst pipe. Then, a plumber can repair the damage and open the walls to make any necessary repairs and check for signs of moisture or mold growth.


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Flooding in your home poses a serious threat to your safety. While you wait for professionals to repair the damage caused by a burst pipe in your home, follow these tips to stay safe.

Thankfully, some firms deal with emergencies, so you won't have to wait long for the burst pipe and flood damage to be fixed. But finally, remember to stay calm in such situations to help you deal with them effectively.

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