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Mold and mildew are words used synonymously in everyday speech to refer to any fungus that develops indoors.

The two differ in several ways, so we shouldn’t treat them similarly. Instead, read up on these crucial distinctions between mildew and mold to be able to recognize future growth in your home.

When you see one in your home, and you have just had a flood or water leak, never think it may be harmless and call Ashland water damage services to get your home into a livable condition.


Definition From Ashland Water Damage Services

As previously mentioned, “mold” and “mildew” are frequently used synonymously.

This makes sense, given that each is a specific kind of fungus. For example, mold and mildew spores can move through the air. But mildew can be categorized as a specific kind of mold.


The appearance of Mildew and Mold

This is where the distinctions between mold and mildew become apparent. Mildew typically has a white or gray color and grows in flat, powdery patches. However, mold can have a raised texture and a slimy, fuzzy, or wispy appearance.

Mold can be found in various hues, including red, yellow, green, and black. Since mold has a more pungent odor than mildew, you might be able to tell if you have mold in your house just by how it smells.

You’ll likely contact Ashland water damage services to fix a leak and any mold present, but you can never be too careful. You can relax by giving Swept Away Restoration a call right away.


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Locations Water Damage Repair Professionals Can Find Mold and Mildew

Also, mold and mildew can grow in various environments and circumstances. For instance, mildew is renowned for developing on damp cloth, plant leaves, and other surfaces.

You can find mold on spoiled food or in warm, moist areas like the bathroom or your home’s crawl space.

In areas that have sustained water damage, mold also thrives. Finding hidden mold or mildew requires the expertise of Ashland water damage services.


 Ashland Water Damage Services


Get Rid Of Mold and Mildew With Ashland Water Damage Services

Mold is typically more severe than mildew. However, with the right cleaning products and gear, you can easily remove mildew yourself. Just use caution, as the spores can irritate your airways and cause allergies.

Mold, however, is more serious, and you need mold cleanup from professionals. Though we might think mold and mildew are the same things, the two types of fungi have their differences, yet you want neither in your home.

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