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Did you realize that an unmaintained air conditioner in your house could result in water damage? Although your AC shouldn't typically leak water into your house, this does not determine the potential. Learn more about frequent leak causes, safeguarding your house, and the necessity for Jacksonville water damage repair specialists.


What Are the Causes of Water Damage Caused by Your AC?

1. Clogged or Disconnected Drain

A clogged or disconnected drain is one of the most frequent causes of A/C water damage. Checking the drain should be your first step if you notice that your air conditioner is dripping.

 Broken pipes and fractured heat exchangers can also cause clogged or disconnected drains. Always hire an air conditioning expert to complete this.

 This may also be a sign that the drain is clogged, which needs to be addressed immediately. You'll need Jacksonville water damage repair specialists if leaks have gone undetected.


2. Valve Issue

The valve is another typical source of faulty air conditioning. Contrast this with the drain, which has a drain valve that must be fixed permanently immediately.

 A valve is a device that controls and releases water from a system. Therefore, it's crucial to have a qualified A/C repair specialist inspect them; if they break, you'll require experts in Jacksonville water damage repair.


3. A/C Duct

Air is distributed throughout your house via air conditioning ducts. It is crucial to keep them maintained because of this.

 They are simple to clean and maintain, allowing air to circulate freely throughout the house. Additionally, if any ducts suffer serious harm, the air conditioner might not operate correctly.


4. Clogged Air Filter

To ensure healthy indoor air quality, clean air filters are essential. Typically, these can be found on the air conditioner's top.

They can also be seen on the team's return side, though. For example, many individuals are unaware that their air conditioner contains an air filter.

Regular filter changes are necessary to prevent clogged or disconnected drains. In addition, mold can grow as a result of long-term leaks. To remedy these problems, you'll need Jacksonville water damage repair professionals.


How to Prevent Water Damage Caused by Your AC?

You must properly maintain your air conditioner to prevent water damage. The biggest reason for water damage in an AC unit is improper maintenance. You need to ensure that the air filter is regularly cleaned to avoid water damage caused by your air conditioner.

 Contact Jacksonville water damage repair experts if you have an AC leak. After an extended period, the energy level will go down in the AC unit, and this will require maintenance  

When leaving the house, especially in the summer, always turn off the air conditioning.

It doesn't become worn out because of this. Additionally, it would help if you got it routinely serviced to ensure all the parts are in good working order.


Jacksonville Water Damage Repair Professionals

Get Help From Jacksonville Water Damage Repair Professionals

If your A/C leaks, act quickly. The longer you let leaks go, the more decaying timber and mold will harm your home.

 Consult a qualified A/C repair business and Jacksonville water damage repair professionals to remove mold and flood water from your property.

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